How to Take Care of your UGG Boots

Good soles require even more excellent care. The better you care for them, the more likely they will stick by your side as the going gets more rigid on the highways. When one takes care of their shoes, they also care for themselves because shoes reflect who they are. If you want to know how to properly clean your UGG boots, dive right into the article. 

Selection of a Cleaner and Conditioning Treatment

Full-grain leather and “rough” leathers like suede and nubuck are used in designing footwear. Before using a cleaning, conditioner, or waterproofing solution, read the product descriptions thoroughly. You should note that conditioners, primarily made for full-grain leathers, will also refresh the boot’s durable water-repellent (DWR) finish, restoring waterproof functionality. For rough leathers, all that is required is simple washing and re-waterproofing (restoring the DWR).

The once-standard wax-based leather waterproofing procedures are now less standard. Additionally, stay away from them if you want to subsequently resole your boots because wax residue makes it difficult for a new adhesive to adhere to a new sole.

How to Clean Your Boots

On clean, moist boots, conditioning and waterproofing treatments perform best. You need water inside that outer layer of the boots to assist pull the waterproofing treatment entirely in. You don’t want dirt or grit to hinder coverage and penetration.

How to care for leather UGG boots:

  • Brush your boots with a horsehair brush after taking off the laces. Doing this will remove any dust and filth that might end up underneath the conditioner you will be using in a subsequent phase.
  • With a wet paper towel or rag, clean your boots. Most of what you need to remove off the leather, including mud and salt stains, should be possible with just water.

Conditioning or Waterproofing Treatment Application

Ensure the water has completely soaked into the boot leather; it’s best to apply the treatment after cleaning the leather. 

After cleaning, if your boots are dry or not wet enough, wrap them in a damp towel and place them in a utility sink for a couple of hours.

Apply the conditioner or waterproofing product to your boots once the water has seeped. Read and closely adhere to the application guidelines provided with your product. You don’t want to over-condition the leather, so a little goes a long way, no matter what you use.

How to Dry and Store Your Boots

Let the boots air dry completely. It should only take about 30 minutes, but you are free to let them sit longer if you feel like it. Please do not increase the temperature outside the procedure to hasten it—dry your boots in a standard low-humidity environment. You can use a fan to hasten it to dry.

You can also stuff newspaper into the boots to hasten to dry; make sure to replace it frequently (every time it gets damp).

You should keep your UGG boots in a stable, regular-temperature environment, not in garages, attics, car trunks, or any other moist, warm, or unventilated area.

To Sum Up

Repeating the measures mentioned above are advised whenever the leather on your UGG boots feels dry. This is pretty subjective, and the more time you spend in your shoes, the more adept you will become at determining it. There is no set guideline; follow your preferences instead. Following the above instructions will help your UGG boots remain happy and healthy for many years.

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