How to Track A Phone Location Easily?

Smartphones have been one of the best technology gifts to humankind in today’s world. But it is no secret that these pocketable marvels of technology can easily be lost just like other small valuable items, like a wallet or a set of keys. Losing your phone can be a very sinking feeling, and while we wish it doesn’t happen to anyone, here are a few great ways to ensure you can find your device easily in case of loss.

Thankfully though, in today’s times, there are a few ways to track a phone that is lost. These ways can come in handy in various situations. For example, if you lost your phone somewhere, or maybe your relative is unreachable, and you wish to track them to ensure they are safe, or to surprise your child by meeting them wherever they are!

Here are a few ways to solve your problem if you’re looking how to track android phone:

Google maps

If you have lost your phone, you need to go to one of Google’s services to find it. But to use it, you must have your Gmail ID logged in to the phone or have access to the Gmail ID being used on that phone. To ensure that you can track the phone, it should be switched on and connected to a Wi-fi or mobile network.

Once you have it, follow the steps below for tracking a phone:

  • Go to
  • Sign in with the Gmail account and its password
  • You will then be shown a map with the nearest approximate phone location.
  • If the phone is switched off, it will display the last location where the phone was switched on.

You also get three other options for the phone, as follows:

  1. Make it play a sound – This will make the phone play a sound, even if it is silent or vibrating.
  2. Lock the device – This will ask you for your phone’s password, pin, or lock combination and then allow you to lock the device.
  3. Erase the device – This will allow you to erase the device to protect all your data remotely.

Third-party apps


There are many different apps available on the Android app store to help you look for ways to track a phone. Apps like Life360 or Lost Android offer great features apart from location tracking that can be very convenient. These apps can be very convenient in tracking family members like your spouse or children with concern for their safety. These apps offer features like GPS location tracking, the ability to lock the phone, read text messages, forward calls to another number, and even wipe the phone data.

Apart from Google, many other manufacturers also add similar options for their devices such as Find My Mobile from Samsung, and Find My iPhone from Apple. These can be set up as soon as the phone is bought and opened, in order to ensure the safety of your device and data.

If you’re thinking about how to track a phone in the easiest way possible, such apps are great ways to do it and secure your device as well.

App-based stealth trackers

There are various apps and paid software that comes in handy when the question is “how to silently track a phone?”. Services like Spine have a trustworthy setup in place, which people worldwide trust for its ability to track phones silently.

Thes software works without anyone knowing as it can easily be hidden. Once the service starts working, it generates a map of the device’s location and keeps an information log. Other noteworthy features include an easy-to-use interface, geofence, privacy, key logs, and much more.

If you’re looking for answers to questions like ‘how to track android phone’ or ‘how to track an iOS phone,’ you can check out to find the best options available out there.

Tracking a phone is not as difficult as it used to be in older times; with all the options listed above, it is a walk in the park to track your phone or someone else’s without worries of losing the device.

It is not generally recommended to use free websites without a review first because many websites or services may not be very reliable when you need to use them, thereby defeating their purpose. Nevertheless, these were some of the best and easiest options you can choose to find your device or track a phone in a hassle-free manner.