How to Track If Your Child Meets Sexual Predators in Person? | TheWiSpy

Online sexual predating incidents are growing every day, and parents can’t close their eyes. 500,000 online predators are online on social media and find it easy to trap a teen. 7 in 10 kids are being groomed by them. Isn’t it scary?

It’s Time to Learn What’s Happening on Social Media. 

Online Predators & Teens

  • 75% of kids share personal information with a fake online friend without any fear. 
  • 75% Sexual predators target teens (14 age). 
  • 33% of online users encountered threats. 
  • Less than 20% of children share about sexual online abuse experience with their parents. 
  • 15% of young users receive the serious outside meeting invitation. And sexual predators also send presents to get their attention. 

Sexual abuse is not a two-days story, but it can haunt the victim for the whole life. Parents should be aware of their kid’s activities. 


Read Next Section to Find A Recent Sexual Predating Incident. 

A recent incident shows how an online predator earned the trust of the teenage girl. He (sexual predator) became a friend and exchanged the number with her. After sharing insecurities with the victim, he began to shares his fake experiences. He shared some sexual jokes to cross the boundary, and hence he got successful in getting her involved in commercial sexual abuse. 

Parents can’t avoid the growing internet dangers and also look for the right solution. 

Install the Mobile Tracker& Ensure If There Is Any Sexual Predator in The Friend List

Parents can use the best phone tracking apps to track their kid’s android phones. Tracking app reveals every hidden secret. You can track social media profiles of your teen and read the text messages remotely. Such spy tools work in the background, fetch all the data from the device & send it to the end-server. 

Your kids can’t understand who is a sexual predator, but you can.

Parents should focus if their kid always on the phone. They should understand who is on the other side. The mobile tracker will help you to receive phone call recordings. 

How to Stop the Access of Sexual Predators?

It is not the era where you can use a spy tool for only location tracking. Now, the end-user can make changes in setting on the target phone with remote commands. Once you download the app, the next step is to activate it on the target device with a license key. 

Through a user-friendly control panel, the end-user can watch every running activity on the target device. Parents can hear the call recordings, check the friend list, access social media, etc. 

Not only monitoring is enough, but the end-user can do multiple actions, including:

1 – Block the Unwanted Number 

2 – Restrict the Access of Social Media

3 – Uninstall the App

4 – Listen to the Microphone Surroundings 

5 – Block or Unfollow the Users on Social Networking Apps

6 – Set the Time Limit

7 – Lock the Screen

8 – Restrict the Inappropriate Website Access

9 – Report the Page or A User 

And Many More!

Use TheWiSpy& Don Not Let Online Predator to Access Your Kid

In the world where every 3rd product is a scam, we should not buy anything until ensuring reliability. We have come with the name TheWiSpy to help you check if someone is grooming your child online. TWS provides its quality tracking services at affordable rates and only requires one-time physical access to the installation process on target phone. 

Wrapping up

Newspaper reveals every truth and also how digital dangers can hit our new generation. Internet access has made it easy for an online predator to reach our teens and get them involved in illegal activities. Protection can save them from any cyber danger. All we need is to take help from TheWiSpy mobile tracker and monitor their activities.