How to Transform Your Vacation Home’s Design

Owning a vacation home is a dream for many frequent travelers, giving them an escape from daily life that they can go to at any time. However, there is no point in buying a vacation home without transforming it into an indoor paradise for you and your loved ones. Then, to make sure your vacation home is somewhere that you constantly long for and daydream about when you are stuck in the office, here are some ideas for how you can transform your vacation home’s design in 2024. 

Look into Art Deco 

The vacation homes around you might be filled with contemporary furnishings or traditional rattan pieces. To make sure yours stands out and features a style that you are passionate about, you should go for something a little bit different and decide to give your home an Art Deco theme. Art Deco is an evergreen style that will be just as admired in fifty years as it is now. This makes Art Deco theming a worthy investment for most homeowners, especially those who like to opt for showy and flamboyant décor that will not be easily forgotten by any visitor. If you are unsure about how to make your Art Deco vision work in a modern home, you should consider researching ideas on how to create an Art Deco living room that can make you feel as if you have been thrown straight into the pages of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. 

Focus on the Backyard

When you originally purchased your vacation home, it is likely that the surrounding climate was high on your list of priorities. Rather than spending all day huddling under your air conditioning unit, you should consider making the most of the wonderful weather that you have chosen to vacation in. You can do this by sprucing up your backyard and turning it into a tropical oasis where you and your loved ones can relax, chat, and play. For instance, you might consider installing water features, adding decking or a patio, or building a summer house that can encourage you to stay outside even when it rains. This will ensure that your backyard does not become a neglected wilderness and that it is instead a magical place where you will be able to make treasured memories in the outdoors. 

Make It Nautical 

However, if you have decided to choose a vacation home for its proximity to the sea, why not honor the ocean on the inside of your abode, too? To do this, you might consider investing in decorations such as wooden ship wheels and lighthouses, as well as sea-themed blinds. A nautical theme is all about the coloring, though, and so you might opt to paint your walls and furniture in shades of blues and whites, with a sprinkling of red. By doing this, you will feel as if you are never far from the sea, and you will be reminded of the secrets of the tides even when you cannot see or hear them. 

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