How To Unblock Geo-blocked Streaming Services In New Zealand?

Are you interested in learning how to access your favorite shows and movies on streaming services in New Zealand that are not normally available due to content licensing and geo-blocking restrictions? 

Even when the streaming services themselves may not be completely inaccessible, their content libraries often lack many titles due to licensing and streaming rights issues. 

We understand the importance of a seamless streaming experience when chilling on your own couch, which is why we have created this comprehensive guide on how to bypass geo-blocking to watch streaming services in New Zealand

One of the most effective methods is to use a VPN, which can easily circumvent geo-restrictions. We recommend opting for premium VPN services that may require a small investment but are definitely worth the cost. To assist you further, we have compiled a list of the top VPNs for unblocking streaming services in New Zealand.

  • ExpressVPN 
  • Surfshark 
  • NordVPN 
  • CyberGhost 

How to Access Streaming Platforms in New Zealand with VPNs? 

By following these steps, you can enjoy access to your favorite content in New Zealand with a VPN:

Step 1: Choose a quality VPN

Start by choosing a quality VPN provider that offers servers in the desired locations for accessing the streaming services you want. Opt for a VPN that provides fast speeds, strong encryption, and a user-friendly interface.

Step 2: Sign up and install the VPN software

Visit the VPN provider’s website and sign up for an account. Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and complete the registration process. Once registered, download and install the VPN software compatible with your device (Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, etc.).

Step 3: Launch the VPN application 

After installation, launch the VPN application on your device. You will be prompted to log in using the credentials you created during the sign-up process.

Step 4: Choose a server location.

Within the VPN application, you’ll typically find a list of server locations available. Select a server location of a country where the streaming service you want to access is not geo-blocked. For example, if you want to access content available in the United States, choose a VPN server located in the U.S.

Step 5: Connect to the VPN server. 

Click on the “Connect” or “Start” button within the VPN application to establish a connection to the chosen server. The VPN software will handle the connection process and establish a secure tunnel between your device and the server.

Step 6: Verify your new IP address.

Once connected to the VPN server, your device will be assigned a new IP address associated with the server’s location. To ensure your IP address has changed successfully, you can use online tools or visit websites that display your IP address.

Step 7: Access the streaming service. 

Now that you have a new IP address from a different location, visit the streaming service’s website or launch its application on your device. You should now be able to browse and access content that was previously geo-blocked in New Zealand.

Step 8: Enjoy streaming without restrictions. 

With the VPN connection in place, you can freely enjoy your favorite shows and movies on the streaming service of your choice. The VPN encrypts your internet traffic, ensuring your online activities remain private and secure.

4 Best Streaming Platforms to Access in New Zealand

Here are the best streaming services to unblock in New Zealand. 

  1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best streaming services to unblock in New Zealand, offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content. With its user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations, Netflix has become a popular choice for entertainment seekers. 

It boasts a diverse range of genres and caters to different tastes, from gripping dramas and thrilling action to hilarious comedies and thought-provoking documentaries. 

Netflix also provides options for offline viewing, allowing subscribers to enjoy their favorite content on the go. With its extensive collection and commitment to producing quality programming, Netflix remains a go-to streaming platform for Kiwi viewers.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another excellent streaming service to unblock in New Zealand. Prime Video stands out with its exclusive series like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “The Boys,” and “Fleabag,” which have gained critical acclaim worldwide.

It also provides access to a vast library of movies, including recent releases and classics. Prime Video’s user-friendly interface and features like offline viewing and multiple device support enhance the viewing experience.

Moreover, being a part of Amazon Prime membership offers additional benefits such as free shipping and access to Prime Music and Prime Reading.

  1. BBC iPlayer

As the on-demand platform of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), iPlayer offers a diverse range of content, including TV shows, documentaries, films, and exclusive series. 

It features a vast archive of classic and current BBC programs, allowing users to catch up on missed episodes or discover new favorites. 

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, BBC iPlayer provides a seamless streaming experience. Its commitment to producing compelling, thought-provoking content makes it a go-to choice for fans of British television and culture.

  1. YouTube TV

YouTube TV revolutionizes the way New Zealanders consume television by offering an expansive selection of live TV channels. Gone are the days of cumbersome cable or satellite subscriptions. With YouTube TV, viewers gain access to a vast array of networks, spanning sports, news, entertainment, and more. 

Its sleek and user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, while the ability to personalize channel lineups caters to individual preferences. 

Additionally, YouTube TV provides the convenience of unlimited cloud DVR storage, empowering users to record and save their must-see shows. Embracing the streaming era, YouTube TV delivers an immersive and flexible television experience to Kiwis across multiple devices.


Unblocking geo-blocked streaming services in New Zealand is within your reach, and it’s easier than you might imagine. 

Thanks to reliable solutions like VPNs or Smart DNS proxies, you can bypass those pesky geographic restrictions and unlock a world of content from across the globe. 

Just remember to choose a trustworthy and reputable VPN or Smart DNS service that prioritizes both security and privacy.