How To Unlock a Door Without a Key

If you’ve ever lost your car keys, you know how inconvenient it is to be locked out somewhere.

Whether it be your house, office, car, or any other building, being locked out disrupts your day and maybe even your life. With that in mind, it pays to know alternative methods to unlock a door if you don’t have your key.

Read and learn about how to unlock a door without a key.

Pick a Lock

The right tools for the job are essential, including a tension wrench and a rake. You will also need patience and skill to pick a lock successfully.

First, insert the tension wrench into the bottom of the keyway and apply pressure. Next, insert the rake into the keyway and rake up and down. You may need to try this a few times before the lock opens.

When you are successful, the door will open, and you can walk through.

Bump a Lock

If you’re ever locked out of your house and don’t have a spare key, you can try “bumping” the lock. To do this, you’ll need a bump key and a hammer.

First, insert the bump key into the lock and apply pressure to the key with the hammer. Strike the bump key with the hammer to force the pins inside the lock up and out of place.

With the pins out of place, the lock will be unlocked, and you’ll be able to open the door.

Create a Pick

You can create a pick using a few other tools. For example, you can use a paperclip or a bobby pin to create a pick.

First, straighten out the paperclip or bobby pin, which is nice and flat. Then, use a file or a nail to create a small hook on the end of the paperclip or bobby pin.

Once you have made the hook, please insert it into the keyhole and start wiggling it around until the door unlocks.

Use a Credit Card

One easy way is to use a credit card. Just put the card in the space between the door and the frame and bend it back and forth until the latch pops open.

You can also use a bobby pin or a shoestring if you don’t have a credit card. Just be careful not to damage the door or the frame. 

Once you open a door, it’s important to replace it to prevent the problem from happening again.

You can use a durable Bommer hinge that is good with a traditional door. They offer a complete manufacturer line of butt hinges, single action spring hinges, double spring hinges and more. 

Learn about a Bommer hinge to ensure the security of your home doors.

Use a Knife

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to unlock a door without a key, one option is to use a knife. Stick the knife in the space between the door and the frame and try to jiggle it until the lock pops open.

It may take patience and some finessing, but this method can work in a pinch.

A Guide on How to Unlock a Door Without a Key

If you find yourself without a key and needing to unlock a door, you can use a few methods. With ingenuity, you can open most doors safely. Just follow the guidelines above on how to unlock a door without a Key.

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