Iconic 80s Rock Photos to Get Your Hands-On

The 80s was a crazy time for Rock & Roll. Everyone’s hair was big and the parties they had were even bigger. After the end of disco, the 80s provided a change of direction with the birth of hair bands and new wave rock & roll. The androgyny and makeup of this decade make the music and style one of a kind and iconic.

Most Iconic 80s Rock Moments

Many memorable moments in music history happened in the generation of big hair, androgyny, and punk music, if you want to relive some of them, you are in luck, because there were many iconic moments captured in these 80s rock photographs

●    Annie Lennox by Daniel Gluskoter

This photo of Annie Lennox truly is what sweet dreams are made of. It is a perfect showcasing of the androgynous beauty that Annie Lenox was known for.

●    Beastie Boys, Hollywood 1987

This photo of the Beastie Boys will make you want to fight for your right to party. This photo truly captures the style and energy that this band had in the 80s.

●    Billy Idol by Mark Weiss

This photo will remind you of all the times “dancing with myself” played in your head when you were alone at a wedding reception. All puns aside, this is a great shot of Billy Idol that any fan would love to have in their collection.

●    Billy Joel, New York 1986

This shot of the “piano man” is one of many that have been taken throughout his career. Fans of Billy Joel would treasure having this shot in their collections.

●    Boy George by Mark Weiss

Boy George did not mean to hurt us by dropping out of the public eye. This iconic shot of him in all of his 80s glory is a must-have for any fan of the Culture Club.

●    Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats, Hollywood 1981

When you see this shot of Brian Setzer your one desire will be to run away with this boy. It feels like his eyes are actually piercing your soul in this iconic picture of the frontman of the Stray Cats.

●    David Bowie from AP Collection

You will not be able to look at this picture without the lyrics to Space Oddity starting to play in your head. This picture perfectly captures the beauty that was David Bowie

●    Dead Kennedys by Chester Simpson

This photo truly catches the personalities of all the members of the Dead Kennedys. This band was one of the groups that truly defined punk rock.

●    Devo by Mark Weiss

This shot of Devo will instantly make you start to sing “Whip It”. Their song is one of the most iconic of the decade.

●    KISS by Adrian Boot

This photo of Kiss before a performance is a textbook hairband look. They are one of the most iconic bands in that genre. Their theatrics and style are still iconic today.

Own a Unique Piece of 80s Rock History

Now that you have taken a walk down memory lane and had the opportunity to relive many of your favorite rock moments from the 80s, you should go ahead and purchase several of these prints for yourself and loved ones that will truly cherish them.

As a fan of 80s music, all of the shots of your favorite artist will no doubt feel your heart with joy. Treat yourself and go ahead and purchase a few of your favorites so that you can have them to cherish and your home forever. Make sure that you grab your favorite photos before they are gone.

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