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The Image Lookup search function is easily accessible on the DNS checker for your support 24/7, so searching by photo is no longer a difficult chore. You may use this online tool to do Google images by simply sharing the good image from the storage device of your device. To make tasks easier for its customers, this program allows you to drag and move images to perform a reverse image search. The reverse picture search feature works with cloud services (Google Drive and Dropbox). Because of this, if your photo is always in your cloud server, you may quickly import it to explore by photo. The application will employ its cutting-edge CBIR technology to provide the results in conjunction with leading image search engines like Yandex, google images, and Bing as quickly as you may be through uploading a photo.

Google Reverse Image Search

Due to its vast database, which comprises billions of photographs posted online, Google Picture Searching is the most often used image search engine. When looking for images that are exactly like the one you are looking for, Google image search is the greatest option. When looking for comparable photographs in various resolutions, sizes, or formats, Google image search is a great tool. With only one click, you may browse the Google picture search results thanks to this online tool.

Yandex Reverse Image Search

The Yandex photo search tool also returns results using the reverse Image Lookup. Yandex is known as the Russian Google, and also its comparable picture search function distinguishes itself among search engines thanks to its mastery of face and location matching. Through Yandex search by photo results, you may learn more about a well-known person or natural beauty using our free Image Lookup search.

How to reverse search an image using your phone and PC

People frequently encounter restrictions while using internet services that need a desktop. With the help of our Image Lookup tool, this is not the issue. Searching by a picture on the phone is quite similar to that of a Google reverse image file on a computer. As a result, utilizing this tool will never result in compatibility difficulties, regardless of the device you use for searching.

Reverse Image Search on Phone

This function here on the website is one that we created for all devices. Any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet can perform a Google image search. Let’s talk about them both:

Picture Search on an Android vs iOS Phone

With your Android phone, have you ever gotten a photo from a buddy that you have no idea what it is? Not to worry! Employing our tool even from an Android smartphone won’t cause any problems because you may search by the picture on it.

Similar to how it does on Android smartphones, Google Image Search also functions on iOS devices. You may access Google Image Search on your iPhone using Safari or any browser and quickly get related photographs.

Reverse image search by PC

Are you curious to learn where an image you discovered online had its start? A picture may be quickly reverse-searched on Google using a computer. Both Windows and Mac may be used to do this operation; therefore, let’s talk about them:

Picture search on Desktop: Window vs Mac

You may upload images from your computing device and online storage when you do a picture search on a desktop. Simply launch the browser on any PC running Windows. This program allows you to drag and drop images, which is the quickest method.

How can Mac users remain discouraged until all the platforms are covered? Yes! The Mac’s Image Lookup functions similarly when you open a website on a Mac system. No matter what device they are using, everyone on the planet can use this web-based service.

How does an image search engine work?

In plain English, a comparable image search is the process of an internet search inside which you submit a picture (rather than providing a message or speech keyword) to retrieve data based on the question.

With Google Photographs, you can quickly find aesthetically comparable images from across the web and learn relevant details about a photo, such as the names of any things or locations it contains.

How to enhance search engine optimization:

Ask those utilizing your photographs without giving you credit to do so and refer back to your page. You can also use the Image Lookup search function to discover them.

A few image-search tools

  • Google Images
  • dnschecker
  • Tineye

Let’s move on to the “how” you will know what an image search application is or why you should use one. How do you search using images? You frequently use an image search tool while executing a reverse photo lookup.

Image Lookup

Exploring individual databases by performing reverse image searches multiple times on various platforms would take significant time and effort. A better way to deal with the issue is using an advanced image lookup tool capable of bringing results from various platforms in one go. Hence, you can easily browse visually similar results displayed by various platforms and find your desired image in a significantly shorter time without spending too much effort. offers such an image lookup tool. Here is how you will use it for reverse image search. 

  • Access through any device.
  • Perform reverse image search by uploading a photo or pasting a URL.
  • You can also import a photo search query from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • The tool also allows you to find your desired image through text or voice search.
  • Press the search button, and you will get results from various platforms. 

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