Important Habits to Keep Your Workwear in Great Condition

Personal protective equipment is designed to keep you safe and healthy in the workplace, yet workwear that isn’t properly maintained or cared for can increase the risk of injury.

Our workwear is integral to the safety and success of our day-to-day responsibilities in our careers and so, treating our clothing properly and ensuring proper maintenance is vital.

If we do not look after our workwear then we are at risk of injury and with 693,000 workplace injuries in 2020, it is a great practice to develop positive habits of looking after your work clothing to prevent any harm from coming your way.

Here are our top habits to keep your workwear in great condition.


Washing our normal clothes is an important everyday responsibility but making sure that our workwear and PPE are washed correctly is critical.

Our advice is to use a commercial laundry service if you can afford it. They will ensure that workwear is washed correctly and hygienically so that it maintains its optimum condition which will have you performing at the top of your game at work too.

However, if this is not an option for you then we implore that you begin by checking the label of the clothing as not every item washes the same. From there, close all zips, undo any buttons and ensure that nothing is left in the pockets. After that, use a strong detergent that can battle the harsh stains that can come from the workplace.

Check for damage

The best workwear clothing should be able to withstand basic damage, as it is designed to keep you safe after all. However, after each use, it is a good habit to check all areas of the clothing after your day at work to ensure that there are no cuts or holes in the equipment.

If any issues do arise then this should be reported as soon as possible. This is especially important when your workwear is a form of PPE as your safety relies heavily on that equipment being up to scratch.

With minor damage, there may be an option to repair the issue yourself but if you cannot repair it completely then this clothing should be considered unwearable.


You must store your workwear in a dry and clean area once they have had time to dry. If damp clothes are left then it could lead to the rotting of the material which will make them less protective for you.

Once stored correctly, you won’t have to worry about colour fading, contamination or damage from heat and light resulting in your workwear being in great condition every time you put it on.

With all of this in mind, it must be noted that occasionally accidents do occur and PPE and workwear may need to be replaced. However, with over 11.7 billion items of PPE distributed in 2020/21, getting a replacement will be easy.