Important tips on How to Perfectly Answer Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Have you ever failed to get your dream job because you failed during the interview? Or is it the first time you have received an interview invitation, and you are scared to death how it will go? If you are in either scenario, worry no more because this article will give you maximum insight into answering questions that you are likely to be asked during the interview. Passing the interview phase is as good as getting the job, so you need to research properly to prepare for what will come your way.

Most people say you need to be yourself when in an interview room, but being sincere and honest alone will not give you a job. There is more than having a master’s or even Ph.D. degree. The main reason for interviews is to see if you are suitable for the job because if you can answer those questions to their expectations, the interviewer will know you are up to the task. The interview gives you a chance to showcase your character as an individual. On top of that, show the interviewer how you will positively contribute to the company’s growth. Additionally you will find more information related to the questions on To help all job seekers prepare for their interviews, this article has gathered top and commonly asked questions so that you can have a rough draft on what to expect and how to answer.

“Tell me about yourself.”

A commonly asked question but seems to be an innocuous question to be asked. In most cases, you might find yourself giving an explanation that will go against you. The first point here is being yourself, don’t try to impress because that will put extra pressure on you, and you might get it all wrong. The motive behind asking this question is to see if you are a perfect fit for the job. Usually, this is the first question most interviewers start with: tell the interviewer more about your educational background, employment history, and interests. Do not waffle; ensure your answer is in line with the position you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a job in a bank, tell the interviewer how your passion for banking started and if you have any background experience in the same industry. Also, try to mention things you like and enjoy doing that are related to this field. The interviewer will develop the sense that you are well versed in the industry.

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

There is a very tricky question to answer if you are not informed about the company. First, conduct the company’s background check, search what characteristics will match the position you are applying for, and pick 2 or 3 in conjunction with you. Here we have just given a few examples to help you, if you are applying for an analyst position, let your interviewer know you are best in critical thinking, a good communicator, and a problem-solver. Also, please back up your strength using past experience but do not overdo it because it will sound overconfident, which might backfire.

“What attracted you to our company?”

There is no better way to answer this question than to show the interviewer how well you are prepared by showcasing how well you know the company and its values and interests complement yours. Do your research, mostly focusing on the working culture and internal offerings like training programs, among others. For example, the company is in the tech field, so I must mention some news about its achievement. That way, the interviewer will know you have been following it closely.

“What can you contribute to the job and our company?”

Giving examples of your previous contributions will show how you can help the company achieve its set goals. If you achieved some success in the past, let the interviewer know you can increase the companies’ sales to around 50%. Be sure to set realistic goals considering the economic hard times in Singapore and the entire world. You can visit their site to get more information on this topic so you can be ready for your long-awaited interview especially if you are in Singapore. While there are no correct answers, be sure to display utmost honest, sincere and knowledgeable about the company because it will go a long way to work in your favor. In the end, answering those questions with utmost professionalism and grace will yield positive results.

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