Indian Boss Matka : Know ABC of Boss Matka

Boss Matka is famous game in Satta matkà in India. It’s come in matka gambling or satta category. In this game betting are involved in the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted into two exchange which is New York cotton exchange to Bombay Cotton Exchange. People was playing in other way before 1960s, game rule was exchanges with generating random number and choose a card or number from earth ware pot. So this game is name suffixed with Matka. For example Satta Matka, Boss matkà, Kalyan matka etc. This boss matkà game is have many name Indian boss matkà, matkà Boss 220, boss matkà and many more names.

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Why people are calling matka?

Before 1960 this matkà game was playing by New York Cotton Exchange but in 1961 it was stopped by new York exchange then people was looking other way to play this game. One persona Ratan Khatri the migrant of Sindh, Karachi found the  a new way tha was matka. They make many more paper slip and wrote some number. They put those slips in many matkà and one person draw a slip and announce the number. This way they was playing Boss matkà game at that time. Time changed and they was playing it by card but name was still boss matkà. Now boss matka are playing in digital platform but name are still same.

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How to play Boss matka game?

Boss matkà game can earn lots of money in short time, because its a lottery game. Anyone can play this game online.  But it is very important to select good and reliable site for your boss matkà game. So before signup you make proper research about website, because now days here are many site that provide wrong details. After selecting good site create an account on it and then you will get option to play boss matkà game. Also that website you can play 220 patti, boss matka, Indian boss matkà, 220 पत्ती, 220patti, boss matkà, india matka boss 220, indian boss matka, india matka 786, matkà boss 440, india matka boss, boos matka.

If you are new then it is very impartment to know all rules of boss matka game otherwise you can loss your money. You can also call their customer care for get some idea about boss matkà game rules. Also they will help you to make money in this game. Some website have their guessing forum and there are some numbers are available, these numbers are from their expert guesser.

So it is very important to know all rules before play Indian Boss Matka, 220patti, india matka 786 and other satta market game. Because you are going to invest your money, if you play this game without information you can loss all you money.

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