Injectables and Dermal Fillers

Injectables and dermal fillers are cosmetic procedures that reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face. As you age, your face naturally loses subcutaneous fat, and facial skin stretches, leading to loss of facial volume. These procedures freeze your facial muscles, preventing wrinkles and filling in where fat has vanished, promoting smooth skin. Woodbury injectables & dermal fillers address many facial defects such as enhancing shallow contours, reconstructing contour deformities on your face, improving facial scars’ appearance, and softening facial creases. There are many myths and misconceptions related to injectables and dermal fillers, and here are some.

Injectables and dermal fillers are painful.

The filler procedures are minimally invasive. During the cosmetic injection process, the fillers feel like a quick pinch which is highly tolerable. When treating sensitive parts such as lips, your doctor numbs the area before treatment. The needles used to inject the fillers are super-small, reducing pain sensation. Some filler products contain a numbing solution to help relieve pain. You can get topical numbing ointments to provide relief after the cosmetic injectables and dermal procedure.

The process looks unnatural.

There are different types of injectables, and they are based on their use. Your specialist will first access your face to choose the best injectable fit for your problem. Fillers add your skin volume and smoothen folds giving you a natural look. Too much filler on one area or placing fillers at the wrong location can look unnatural. Make sure your doctor is qualified and experienced in these treatment methods for convenient outcomes.

Any healthcare provider can do injectable and dermal fillers.

Nurses, dentists, or spa service providers are carrying out dermal filler treatments. Most of these specialists are not adequately trained and have little or no experience. It would be best to find a well-trained and licensed dermatologist with long-term experience in injectables and dermal fillers procedures. Qualified personnel minimizes the chances of you getting complications and enhances outstanding results.

Results of dermal fillers are permanent.

Some dermal fillers are not permanent. If the injectables and dermal fillers do not give you the desired results, your specialist can adjust by adding more injectables or dissolving them to achieve the best outcome. Because you can choose a preferred injectable, take one that your dermatologist can comfortably reverse. Always discuss the expected results with your doctor before any procedure. Again having a trained specialist increases the chances of getting brilliant results.

Only women can use these treatments.

Both men and women use injectables and dermal fillers. This misconception comes up because women talk openly after having these procedures, whereas men are secretive about them. Men mainly use injectables to enhance their jawline, chin, and cheeks. These treatments will generally restore volume and fullness in the face promoting glowing and smooth skin in men and women.

It would be best if you considered learning the procedures, side effects, and complications associated with injectable and dermal fillers. Your healthcare provider will help you determine the best filler that fits your face. Schedule an appointment at COSMEDOCTOR to enjoy firmer and younger-looking skin with injectables and dermal fillers treatment.

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