Injury Rehab Techniques to Heal Fast and Come Back Stronger

According to statistics collected by the CDC, more than 72 million people visit a doctor’s office for an injury.

If you’ve suffered an injury you know the recovery process could be a long one. This guide will offer some injury rehab techniques to help make the recovery a breeze. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

Use the RICE Method 

Sports injuries are common and if you want to get back on the field as soon as possible you have to do everything you can for your recovery. 

The RICE (rest, ice, compress, and elevate) method is crucial after an injury. If you’ve injured an ankle or foot it’s important to rest so that the healing process can begin. 

Placing an ice pack on your injury is beneficial right after your injury. The cold will help prevent the area from getting too swollen and can reduce your pain. 

Wrapping your injured wrist with a compress bandage will reduce swelling and keep fluid from building up in the area. Elevating your injured foot above your heart will also minimize the swelling and prevent fluid buildup. 

Work On Recovering Your Range of Motion 

If you’re wondering how to prevent injuries after having gone through the painful ordeal you should work on recovering range of motion early on. You don’t want to start this process too early as this can negatively impact the healing process. 

Start slowly with some flexibility training. This will get you stretching the muscles in the injured area in a low-impact way. It’s the best way to start regaining movement without the risk of re-injury. 

Heat Can Help Too 

Heat can actually be detrimental to an injury if applied too soon. You should wait a few days until you’ve noticed a reduction in swelling to start using heat. 

You shouldn’t switch to heating pads entirely, alternate between that and icing. Heat will increase blood circulation to the area. This will increase oxygen and other important nutrients to the injury and help you heal faster. 

Move On to More Functional Exercises 

Another way to help you rebuild strength through the healing process is doing functional exercises. This is also a form of injury prevention. 

Functional exercises include walking and lifting what you can handle. These exercises are low-impact ways to rebuild your resistance.

You can also opt for trained and specialized physiotherapy services. This can help you slowly heal your bones and muscles and allow for greater mobility.  

See a Sports Medicine Doctor 

One of the ways to move through the healing process successfully after an injury is to see a sports medicine doctor. These doctors help you create a personalized treatment plan and exercise routine so you can recover and eliminate pain after an injury. Check out so you can see a doctor today.

Try These Injury Rehab Techniques to Help You Heal 

If you suffered a recent injury check out some of the injury rehab techniques in this guide to help you heal faster. Use the RICE method to reduce swelling and visit a sports medicine doctor for a personalized treatment plan. 

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