Ireland and academics- What you still do not know about the country

If you think that Irelandis the newest entrant in the international academic scenario, you are a million miles away from the truth. Think about 500 A.D. (around 1500 years ago), and let us tell you that Ireland was the centre of learning in Europe at that time. Trinity College, Dublin, was accorded university status in 1592. So we are not talking about an evolving academic star on the international scenario; we are talking about a powerhouse of academics that has silently strengthened its position amidst all the changes that have come in more than a thousand years.

The Academic Scenario:

The country encourages academic growth of its citizens in such a strong manner that over eighty-five percent of its young people complete secondary education, and two-third of them complete graduation. The feather on the crown is its having the maximum number of graduates per thousand inhabitants, in all of Europe. This shows how serious the government is about promoting education in the country. Every year, it spends a large sum on creating world-class academic facilities. The result so far can be counted as seven internationally acclaimed universities in Ireland, and fourteen institutes of technology, apart from countless education and research centres, boasting of state-of-the-art facilities. If you think you are among the first few discovering these aspects of Ireland’s academic credentials, sample this- students from over one hundred and sixty countries study in Ireland right now. They have chosen Ireland because they would not have settled for anything but the best.

Non-academic factors that will pull you towards Ireland:

After discovering so much about Ireland, you must not be struggling to find enough reasons to plan your higher studies in that country, but if you are, we are ready with some more facts that will help you cement your decision. Ireland has been consistently voted as one of the friendliest countries in the world. It is also among the top fifteen countries in the Global Peace Index.

The language concern, and the industry scenario

Ireland speaks English, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. You will not have to learn another language to study or live in Ireland. Colleges in Ireland conduct all courses in English. The system of education there will allow you to choose from a wide range of subjects and areas of study, and you can enrich yourself from the undergraduate level to the post-doctoral one, earning degrees that are not only internationally recognised, but also revered. Of course, with your qualifications, you will not have to go very far to find a rewarding job, because companies like Google, Facebook, Pfizer, Apple and Intel, to name a few, have their European headquarters in Ireland.

Chill about the chill

Finally, the climate of Ireland is very pleasant. Compared to other European nations, the winters are never extreme, and the Irish coastline remains free from ice throughout the winter seasons. In fact, Ireland does not experience any extreme climate. However, you will need to carry your umbrellas at all times. On the pleasant side, if you are lucky, you may experience all fours seasons in a day!

All the best for your take off!

We are sure that you are taking stock of your financial condition, because all of us know that studying abroad is expensive. Let us make your day better by informing you that if you choose to study in Ireland, and if your course is a recognised full time programme of at least one year, you can work in Ireland without a work permit, just as their own citizens do. It cannot get better than this, can it? So make up your minds, and start living the Irish dream. In case you need assistance, we are always there!