Is Aalyah Gutierrez Starting Her Wrestling Career? Know all About Her

Aalyah Gutierrez Bio

Aalya Gutierrez, who was born on August 20, 2001, is a social media influencer and the daughter of the legendary WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio. In WWE Raw’s Street Battle, she made a noteworthy appearance. She wasn’t just a spectator; she also helped her mother, Angie Gutierrez, bash Murphy in retaliation for what Murphy had done to Rey Mysterio. Dominik made the decision to fight him in a street fight in order to discipline him. Aalya was discovered at the game. Her age is 21 years.

Aalyah’s Early Life 

The youngest child of a master of wrestling was born and raised in California. The daughter had all she could have wanted growing up in a well-known household. Her father, Rey, loves her the most. In the finest way imaginable, she also inherited her mother, Angie Gutierrez’s beauty. She has a close bond with Dominik Gutierrez, her only sibling.

Education Qualifications Of Gutierrez

People are eager to discover this celebrity’s educational history. Fans always monitor their favorite celebrities’ activities, educational backgrounds, and likes and dislikes. She attended high school in California. She later decided to pursue her career in medicine, and for that, she attended Elite College in California. She has a graduate degree, which is her highest level of education.

Aalyah’s Has an Amazing Physical Appearance 

Being a family member of an athlete is great because you never need to hunt for motivation to be active. Additionally, this works great with Aaliya. The young wrestler appears to adopt her family’s fitness objectives. She stands at about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 52 kg, which complements her attractive appearance and her amazing physique with the brown eyes and brunette hair color. 

Net Worth: Aalyah’s Income

Do you know how much money Gutierrez makes? What does she make? You are well aware that no one’s income or assets are stable for an extended length of time. The wealth of her family is $20 million USD. As of 2020, Aalyah Gutierrez net worth ranges between $500,000 and $1 million.

Aalyah’s Is Committed? 

Aalyah is currently dating Joshua Thomas. Both appear to have a strong bond with one another. Sharing her photos with that special someone is never a problem for her. However, he is not the first man that Aalya has dared. A prominent football star named Aj Hernandez and Aalya were dating up to 2017. But she went on with Joshua after leaving the football champion behind. He is now the only man she wants.

Gutierrez’s Career: The Social Star

Instagram sensation Aalyah is well-known. She gained notoriety at a very young age due to her status as Rey Mysterio’s daughter. Her dad is a full-time WWE wrestler. Her father’s enormous success in the WWE led to enormous prominence for the Gutierrez family as a whole.

Aalyah is now well known on Instagram. She updates her Instagram with beautiful photos of herself and her family. The Instagram sensation has actively worked as a part-time model, and she has utilized her status to draw modeling opportunities. She has starred in various advertisements. 

Aalyah’s Social Media Accounts: Peek A Boo 

Aalyah is currently residing in California. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Joshua Thomas, and their puppy, Ellie. To give her Instagram followers a peek into her personal life, she frequently publishes photos there.

Murphy was kissed by Aalyah!

Well! If we’re talking about their relationship, then there isn’t any “Love Case” between Aalyah and Buddy Murphy. Aalyah accidentally kissed him in the WWE arena back in 2020. This resulted in rumors where people began to believe that these two were dating. However, it was made clear by Aalyah and Buddy Murphy in an interview that it was unexpected and nothing similar existed. 

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