Is divorce common and what are the causes?

Half of the marriages in the world end up in divorce. Nobody thinks about divorcing their partner when they exchange vows or walk down the aisle. 

However, there are marriages where partners tolerate each other. Is your marriage dull and lifeless? Perhaps you need to look at ending the marital union. Most people think of the consequences of a failed marriage. 

You might think that society will make fun of you, but divorce has become a common practice. Lawrence Law Office in Ohio believes that divorces are common, and they keep getting cases like every single day. 

Here’s a quick post that highlights how common divorce is as a practice and what the underlying causes are. 

Divorce Rates in Ohio 

We looked at the divorce rates in Ohio. In 1990, the divorce rate was 4.7/1000 inhabitants. In 2019, it was 2.8 divorces/1000 inhabitants. There was a decrease in 2019, but 2020-2021 saw an increase in divorce rates. 

Due to the onset of coronavirus, couples had a hard time being together. Fights increased and there was no scope for reconciliation. 

Divorce rates have certainly increased, so you should consider it normal. People stayed in marriages for their children or finances, but times have changed. Women are becoming self-sufficient and nobody tolerates injustices or domestic violence. 

What are the causes? 

There are many causes for divorce. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons: 

  1. Young age marriage – Some women and men are married off at a young age. As soon as they grow up, they start getting attracted to the opposite sex. The younger person realizes that they have some goals to achieve. 
  2. Bad sex life – Everyone wants a flourishing sex life. If your partner is not able to satisfy you or vice versa, marriages end on a bad note. Perhaps the spouse has found sex outside marriage and doesn’t want to continue living with his/her ex. 
  3. Less income – Finances can create a lot of confusion and resentment. If your partner earns less or does not contribute financially, there’s a chance that misunderstandings will arise. 
  4. Cheating/infidelity – Your spouse is cheating on you and it’s not going down well. Some people forgive their cheating partner, but if you are not one of them – file for a divorce right away. 
  5. Incompatibility – The married couple doesn’t have any compatibility. They think and act differently. 

Summing up 

We hope this article helped you understand the reasons for divorce. 

Please note that divorce is fairly common – it’s no longer taboo. You will not be the first person to file for a divorce in Ohio. 

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