Is It Time For A New Air Conditioner?

For most homes across Lewisville, TX, the air conditioner is one of the most used appliances. 

In this state, with heat and humidity during all seasons, it seems as though the AC never gets a break. If you have a home lucky enough to have access to this, you will want to keep it on at all times, which means you need to keep on top of maintenance.

Most air conditioners can last around a decade, but this is only if they are maintained during this time. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an immortal air conditioner which means there will come a time when you need to replace this much-used appliance.

Top Three Signs of A Worn Air Conditioner

Most air conditioners are designed to last between 10 and 15 years, but the lifespan for those in Texas may be shorter. This is because for homes across this state, the AC is used at all times of the year, and this can result in more damage than anywhere else.

Nonetheless, as long as you take care of your appliance, it should still last a long time.

With seasonal AC tune-ups and repairs done on time, you can expect a long life from your AC. There are some signs that you should look out for, however, that indicate when the AC is on its last legs.

Even the most modern appliance has a lifespan of several years which means you cannot avoid having to replace your AC at some point. You can determine whether you are at this stage by looking for the following signs of permanent damage:

  1. Constant Repairs

There will come a time when your AC cannot be repaired anymore. Usually, towards the end of the life of the AC, you will have to call out the AC repair team frequently. This can become very expensive and will eventually be redundant because there is only so much that can be done.

After a while, you will be better off replacing your AC with a newer model than trying to get repairs done.
If you are running a business, these repairs can soon add up and make a real dent in your profits. If you think it might be cheaper for you to get a new unit installed, seek the advice of professional commercial air conditioning installation experts to get the job done.

  1. Expensive Energy Bills

While the cost of living has increased over the past few years, you will notice a significant rise in energy bills when your AC needs to be replaced.

Older models can be more expensive to run anyway, even if they are in perfect working order. This is why it is usually recommended for homeowners to replace their old ACs with newer models, all of which are made to be energy efficient and will therefore be cheaper to run.

  1. Older than 10 Years

Most ACs are designed to last around 10 to 15 years with the proper care. If you are working with a model older than 10 years, it is time to get a replacement.

If you are needing a new air conditioner or are looking for help during this time, there is a great air conditioning repair service available in Lewisville, TX

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