Is shared hosting beneficial for online business in Pakistan?

When you want to host your own website, you have two options at the starting point to upgrade your business; free or cheap website hosting and professional website hosting.  Some entrepreneurs prefer free hosting over professional hosting because they have handsome revenue to invest in their website.  WordPress hosting in Pakistanisn’t a good choice for those who don’t have technical background or knowledge. In free website hosting, an entrepreneur needs to manage their hosting domain, keep the website up to speed, upgrade the software, and secure website data and content; this all is not a simple task to manage for the initial website host.

Online business is a trend; every business person showcases their brand on the digital market to get more profit; in this context, shared hosting is quite beneficial.  In this article, we will guide your various aspects of shared hosting benefits inonline business and choose a reliable shared hosting provider who provides you high-quality website services with 24/7 support at affordable prices.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting allows multiple websites to run on a single server. In shared hosting, you have no idea for whom you’re sharing your server resources. In shared web hosting, each website host has limited server resources from the total web server.

Shared hosting is easy to use and the most economical web hosting option to showcase your brand to inter in the digital world. Before choosing your shared hosting provider, you have to check your hosting provider hosting infrastructure in detail to avoid any inconvenience in your website hosting, prefer to choose a company you have trust.

How will small business increase their digital presence?

 The entrepreneur of small businesses can increase their digital presence by shared hosting at minimum cost. In shared website hosting, there are multiple options for an entrepreneur to improve their overall online presence. The most important steps that a shared website host can take are;

  • Plan their website and what content is going to be published via their website
  • To publish good quality content, it is important to research and find out unique good quality information on your website, which will enhance the value of your website.
  • In terms of design, a small business could benefit from using the technical skills and expertise of a website handling to improve the overall design and performance of the website.
  • Small business entrepreneurs also consider their overall online presence, which can be enhanced by using web designers’ help and publishing unique and quality content to the website. Additional methods such as search engine optimization can also assist in raising the profile of a business online.

To get more profit from online business, a professional hosting service is a good option to save your time and money.  Some of the top benefits you will enjoy when you use our professional hosting services include the following;

Reliable hosting services

Your hosting provider set your online service stander, so always prefer to take web services from a reliable hosting company, who will provide quality services that you will not face technical issues in your website and your website will constantly upgrade. Their hosting infrastructure is based on advanced web hosting tools and modern software solutions; it will give you surety that your site is as safe, up to date, and fast as possible.

Customer support

24/7/365 support is one of the best reasons to prefer professional hosting services. While running your website, something goes wrong; you don’t have to struggle to find a solution; your hosting provider will manage all the issues on your single contact via phone call and email.

Better control of your content

When you use free hosting options, you often don’t have control over your website, and sharing content may be difficult. In professional hosting, you have full control over your website, content sharing, and regular website blog upgrades by yourself.

Domain and email address

A domain name is your face in the online market; it is important to grow your business online and using a personalized email that suits your domain. It will make your business more legitimate and professional.  Professional hosting services can create a domain name and supply you with a suitable email address you require in your online business dealing with your clients.

Website design

Professional hosting services can design you the perfect website to match your unique business ideas and your services.

Enough space and speed

When you use free hosting, you cannot load more content on your website.  It will affect your website’s performance and loading speed because other users share your space on the same hosting system, so there is a great chance of losing your clients. In professional hosting, you can invest in all the space you need so visitors can load your pages quickly and efficiently.

Search Engine Optimized pages

Professional website hosts are SEO experts. Professional hosting providers know exactly what to do to improve your website ranking so your site will appear on Google’s first page of search results, and they are well aware of the SEO techniques to boost your site.


Professional hosting services give you much more options in terms of security.  You can choose private hosting packages to secure your website. The professional web host provides you secure website environment for your content and protection from hacking, viruses, and data loss.

Advantages of Shared Hosting to get benefits of online business in Pakistan

  • It’s by far the cheapest hosting option
  • Most hosting companies have multiple levels of hosting available so that you can upgrade your hosting package from time to time.
  • Shared hosting equipped with cPanel, which makes it easy to manage your website.
  • No technical knowledge or maintenance you will need to manage your server.

Shared hosting can be a great option to develop online businesses on a minimum budget or those just getting started online. You can always upgrade to another hosting package with time when you will experience heavy traffic on your website, and your budget will allow you.

Price of Shared hosting in Pakistan

All web hosting companies are offering the same packages with the same hosting infrastructure. There is huge competition among all shared hosting companies in Pakistan in terms of prices and hosting services. This hosting competition is favorable for small business entrepreneurs, bloggers, and new website owners interested in digital marketing in Pakistan. Pakchamp is one of the most reliable web hosting companies in Pakistan. Offering cheap hosting services in Pakistan, their shared hosting starter package starts at only 2,499 PKR. This is one of the lowest shared hosting packages in Pakistan.

Best Shared Hosting in Pakistan

 When you enter an online business, everything you’ll require is best. To get professional hosting services, always prefer to opt best shared hosting in Pakistan like Pakchamp. Pakchamp offering its web hosting services in Pakistan since 2016. “To Meet Every Need,” we strive to provide irresistible connectivity with quality services, high uptime, freedom of hosting control, and 24 hours’ technical surveillance in the Pakistan web hosting industry. In our starter shared hosting package, you can get;

• Free domain

• 3 GB Disk Space

 • Unlimited Bandwidth

• 02 Databases

• 01 Sub Domains

• 02 Emails

• cPanel Linux

• 99.99% up-time Guaranty

• 24/7/365 support.


 I am sure that now you can understand the importance of professional web hosting when you enter an online business. If you are searching for a web hosting provider, it is better to analyze your required hosting provider by these points. In online business, compromise on web hosting services means preparing your death bed from your own hands. Don’t forget your unwise decision regarding selecting web hosting will affect your website performance, profit, and online business repute well. So always prefer to choose a reliable quality hosting provider for your shared hosting in Pakistan.