IWC Portofino Review: Entry-Level Luxury Watch With an Elegant Design

The IWC Portofino can be considered the embodiment of basic characteristics that can be seen in most watches from the brand. Starting with the design, durability, and time-telling accuracy, the IWC Portofino seems like a compelling purchase especially for the ones that never owned an IWC watch before.

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At first glance, the IWC Portofino appears like a simple watch with basic design features. A closer look reveals a larger frame with a mix of both modern and classic elements. The round stainless steel case and the slim bezel give it a certain degree of elegance. In the case of Portofino, less is more and that is easy to tell. The design is simple yet elegant with no complicated decorative elements. It appears that the IWC Portofino was designed to stand the test of time and preserve an attractive design as the years pass.

The clean nature of the design of tie IWC Portofino makes it an ideal watch for all sorts of occasions. It can be worn with a more formal outfit but also for a casual occasion. Even the model of the watch is hidden away on the back. The front is clean with just the IWC branding. The numbers have a discreet golden color while the index is made of a suiting white gold color. Roman Numerals are used instead of regular digits.


While you should not abuse the IWC Portofino as you would a regular sports watch, it does have water resistance. According to the spec sheet, it survives in water at pressures of up to 3 bar. It also uses sapphire glass which will protect it from scratches and features anti-reflective coating on both sides. The watch also displays the current date but has no additional features as you would on a chronograph version of an IWC watch.

The Watch is available in four different options. You get a mix between a black or silvered dial and a choice between a black alligator leather strap or a stainless steel strap. Their pricing regardless of which option to choose is about the same if you go for one with the alligator leather strap. The stainless steel versions are about 20% more expensive.


The IWC Portofino is a very versatile watch. It is suitable for a wide range of situations and can be matched with different clothing styles. While it lacks the features of a chronograph watch, it stands out with its simplicity.

Many have criticized the IWC Portofino for being too basic but in this case, less is more. What should be noted is that the Portofino is one of the cheapest watches from IWC. It is a great model for the ones that are interested in the brand but may have a limited budget. According to experts, it is an entry-level luxury watch that simply offers great value for money. IWC does have many other watch models that stand out more. Most likely, the IWC Portofino will cater to the ones that are looking for something simple, elegant, and versatile.

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