Jaw-Dropping Protein Rich Vegetarian Meal Options

Vegetarians often find it difficult to meet their protein needs. This is why they invest in protein powders but along with protein powders, it is essential to get protein-rich food also. In this article, you will find the 7 vegetarian recipes that will help you to get enough protein from your diet. Also, make sure to invest in the best protein brands like MyProtein, Ultimate Nutrition, MuscleBlaze, Optimum Nutrition, etc.

So, whether you are on a muscle-building or weight-loss journey, these meal options will help you achieve your goals quickly.

1. Smoked Tofu Breakfast Egg Muffins

This is a nutritious breakfast that has various health benefits. To make this recipe, you need tofu, eggs, onion, cheddar cheese, salt, and olive oil. This recipe tastes like a french pizza, and each serving of this recipe gives you 22g of protein.

2. Chocolate Cashew Milkshake

This drink is quick and easy to make, and can be stored in the fridge for a few days. It is a delicious, smooth milkshake that requires soy milk (other milk), medium ripe banana, cacao powder, cashew, and salt. Each serving of this milkshake gives you 17.2 g of protein.

3. Spinach Feta Pancakes

It is an easy to make and healthy meal that requires simple ingredients: spinach, milk, flour, feta cheese, butter, herbs, and salt. It takes 30 minutes to prepare. Each serving of this meal provides 17g of protein.

4. Delicious Mocha Oatmeal

The best thing about this recipe is that it takes 7 minutes to prepare, it is nutritious, perfect healthy breakfast, and a hearty way to start your day.  Also, this fiber-rich breakfast will keep you feeling full throughout the day. To make this recipe, you need a banana, porridge oats, instant coffee, salt, honey, cacao powder, walnuts, water, and milk of your choice. You get 17g of protein in each serving.

5. Whipped Cottage Cheese with Bananas and Almond Butter

Whipped Cottage Cheese with Bananas and Almond Butter is a delicious, healthy, creamy breakfast. It can be prepared in 5 minutes and can be stored for a while in the fridge. You get 20g of protein in each serving, also it contains healthy probiotics and calcium. If you are having a hectic schedule, try using gut health supplement instead. Bio Complete 3 is rich in necessary probiotics. The product is recommended for daily use, you can learn more details here

6. Arugula Lentil Salad

It is vegan, tasty, simple, and really healthy. This dish takes 12 minutes to prepare and needs a few ingredients like cashews, onion, olive oil, chili, tomatoes, bread, cooked brown lentils, arugula, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste. Arugula Lentil Salad is high in fiber, iron, and protein, and each serving gives you 25g of protein.

7. Chickpea Wraps

It is very healthy, delicious, and easy to make. Plus, it keeps you feeling full for a longer period. You can make them very spicy or not spicy at all or in between. These wraps take 30 minutes to prepare, and you need chickpeas, olive oil, paprika, tomato, red onion, vinegar, avocado, soy yogurt, lemon, rotis or tortillas, and salt and pepper to taste. Single of the wrap gives you 26g of protein.

Have you tried any of these recipes? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.