Job in Qatar

Qatar is an economically developed country that is actively involved in oil and gas production. At the moment, many industries are developing here in which experienced employees are required, including from Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, the state is considered one of the most prosperous for good earnings. 

In the ranking of the development of the world economy in terms of GDP, Qatar took 54th place in 2017. The unemployment rate in the country is 0.2%. Average salary is 4000 There is no double taxation in Qatar. 

The only tax paid by the citizens of this country is 5% for social needs. Pros of working in Qatar: 

  • high salary; 
  • many career opportunities; 
  • you can get a residence permit; 
  • chance to get the citizenship of the country. 

To find a profitable job in Qatar, you need to look through the Internet resources, the media and message boards. The entire search and registration process must be formal. Profitable work in Qatar, available vacancies in the field of management are posted on the website of the Ministry of Administrative Development. When viewing ads or contacting an agency, the applicant should familiarize himself with the reviews of the services provided in order to weigh the pros and cons. 

The popularity of the Qatari labor market, among migrants from other countries, is increasing due to high earnings. In 2020, it is planned to hold a football championship, which is associated with an increase in the need for specialists of different levels. The average salary in Qatar for construction sites is $ 1,000. Specialists with higher education in the position of a foreman or site manager can receive from 7 to 12 thousand dollars. Salaries are paid in rials. The local currency against the dollar is 3.64 to 1. 

The developed economy and stability in the country make Qatar attractive for labor migrants. Jobs in lucrative business areas generate good income. Work in Qatar for Russians is divided into two categories: for skilled and unskilled professionals. Thus, the country constantly receives investments, its economy in the near future will become the most successful among the states of the Persian Gulf. 

This fact has a positive effect on the level of wages. Comfortable working conditions and decent cost attract specialists from Eastern Europe and the former CIS. When hiring, job seekers are informed of all possible dangers. The firm has obligations to its employees. The employer provides precautions and safety measures in the workplace. There is social protection in the event of illness or injury. For injuries in the workplace, the employee receives full salary for six months, and half until he recovers or receives a state pension. 

For people without education, vacancies are offered in the construction business. The working conditions are quite difficult as it is very hot outside. Most often, migrants from Pakistan and India work at the construction site. On the labor market, there are vacancies for guides for certain groups of tourists, subject to knowledge of foreign languages. Such offers are rare, but you can get a job in the service sector. There are many foreigners in Qatar, so the bartenders, waiters and hotel staff with knowledge of the languages are very much appreciated. 

After the applicant has been approved by the employer and an entry visa has been obtained, you can count on registration with a sponsoring company. In a mutually signed contract, wages and privileges, position and working hours must be entered. The contract must be sent for consideration and approval to the Ministry of Administrative Development.