Katherine Webb: Bio, Social Life, Net Worth, Model, A. J. McCarron Wife

Katherine Webb is a well-known American model who is known mostly for being A. J. McCarron wife. This does tell that she has more than a model as her creative profession allows her to make a mega impact. She has been a model first but then a WAG. However, the power of sports has made her only a WAG in many eyes, which Katherine does not like as she has done work herself that she should have been called a model and television personality.

Katherine class herself as a fun-loving personality who likes to make an impact in the very best way for showing women that many things are possible with hard work. “I think it is crucial for me to make an impact that can help other women to stand ahead and create a classical impact,” she said about her personality.

Katherine Webb Bio

Katherine Webb is a model, beauty queen, and television personality from the United States of America. She was born on April 24, 1989, in Montgomery, Alabama, US. As of 2023, Her zodiac (birth) sign is Taurus, which shows reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, and stable features. She represents white ethnicity and follows the Christian religion from the bottom of her heart. 

Webb’s husband Raymond Anthony McCarron Jr. is an American football player. The pair did marry in 2014. Now one can say that Katherine is not just a model and TV personality, but a wife and mother and it is the reason behind many saying that what has happen to Katherine Webb. It is just that life with kids and family life has kind of given her different looks.

Katherine Webb Physical Appearance

Katherine Webb Height stands five feet and 11 (180 cm or 1.80m) inches tall. She weighs around 130 pounds (59 kg). Katherine Webb age is 33 years. Her body measurements are 35-23-35 inches (89-58-89 cm). Katherine’s bra size (cup size) is 32C (US), dress size is 2 (US), and shoe size (feet size) is 7.5 (US). She has charming hazel eyes and classical dark brown hair. Katherine Webb loves tattoos. She has put multiple tattoos on her body. She is a professional model. Thus, staying fit is kind of her thing. Looking at her face, she has done cosmetic surgeries. “I do feel that for a model eating well and staying fit is crucial. This does allow the next generation to follow things in a better manner,” she said.

Katherine Webb Family

Alan Webb is Katherine’s handsome father and Leslie Webb is her beautiful mother. Katherine lived with two brothers and one sister during her childhood. David and Matthew Webb are Katherine’s handsome brothers and Laurie Webb is her beautiful sister. Laurie looks as beautiful as her famous sister. She did grow up in a family of four and had everything to live a healthy life. It does show how well and healthy the relationship she has with her parents and siblings. But she does not share many pictures of them on social media, unlike her husband of children. I was most connected with my father at a young age. He was kind of a hero to me. The respect I have for my family can be expressed in words.

Katherine Webb Marrige and Children

Katherine Webb and A. J. McCarron engaged in March 2014. On July 12, 2014, the lovely pair married in a very simple wedding in Orange Beach, Alabama only. Katherine and A. J. McCarron’s close friends and family members were allowed to attend the special ceremony. When I first met A. J. (McCarron), Idid not see that we can become the couple. However, the way he did make most of the things better for us was just inspiring.

The couple is blessed to have two sweet boys. Katherine now works a lot at home as she has to take care of two boys along with her lovely husband. Tripp McCarron and Gunnar Cruz McCarron are her two children. Tripp was born on May 24, 2016. Gunnar Cruz McCarron came to this world in 2021. She is very much connected with her children and do keep on posting things about her children on a regular basis with her fans.

Katherine Webb Early Life

Katherine was born and bred in Montgomery, Alabama, US. She did her schooling in Montgomery only. She grew up with three siblings. This is why her childhood had a lot of fun where all four siblings used to play together to the plus side, she has so many good friends in her life that she did play with. From a very young age, Katherine did aim to become a model. This is why she was very famous during her younger days.

It was her father who did spot this talent for modelling in her. Hence, he did push Katherine Webb to make a career in the very field. She was obsessed with Disney shows when she was very young. Hence, all the siblings used to fight to watch what they wanted. Her brothers did always have a keen eye to watch NBA and NFL games, while her sister had some different plans.

Katherine Webb Education

Katherine Webb did get a decent education. However, her aim did become to be a model from the age of 9. She did share us a note about her days at school. When I was at my middle school, my father became so protected towards me as every month I was getting love letters at my home, which was not at all normal. Katherine did like maths subject the most. Hence, she was known as the best overall student at her school.

Katherine Webb Professional Career

In the Miss Georgia USA 2008 pageant, Katherine Webb finished as a semi-finalist. Four years later, in 2012, she won the Miss Alabama USA competition, defeating many top models. In the Miss USA 2012 competition, Katherine finished on the top 10 list.

She is one of the best performers from Alabama at the Miss USA 2012 event. In the 2013 BCS National Championship Game telecast, the camera forced on Katherine Webb. It made her too famous in the United States. It helped her to get more work as a model. Katherine Webb has featured on the cover page of many top magazines. She has also modelled for several fashion brands.

Katherine also worked for Inside Edition to cover Super Bowl XLVII, which was a very big thing for her as not many things can match Super Bowl in North America and around the world. She is not one of the best-paid models but had done a decent job to multiple offers to work on. Katherine and her husband are devout Catholic. Thus, they also help many Catholic followers to get sufficient funds to live a happy life. However, she has given the birth to two children after getting married, so it has made her busy and hence, she has kind of taken a side from her career in a manner she does not work as much as she used to do in 2023.

Katherine Webb’s Hobbies and Favorite Things 

  • Chris Hemsworth is Katherine Webb’s favourite actor and Scarlett Johansson is her favourite actress.
  • She likes to eat Indian and Italian cuisines. Barcelona, one of the best places in Spain, is her beloved destination to enjoy holidays.
  • Shopping, travelling and dancing are Katherine Webb’s hobbies.
  • Katherine is blessed to have two kids named Tripp McCarron and Gunnar Cruz McCarron.
  • Leslie Webb and Alan Webb are her parents.
  • Katherine is also known as Katherine McCarron now.
  • She does like pink and blue colour the most.
  • Katherine likes to spend time around beaches.
  • She does give hair styling tips on Instagram.
  • Katherine comes from white ethnicity.
  • She does follow the Christian religion.
  • Katherine does like to watch NFL games now.
  • She did marry A. J. McCarron in 2014.
  • Katherine is known for the show named Splash.
  • She does not smoke. Katherine does know how to drive a car. She does like to drink wine.

Social Media

Katherine has combined one million followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She likes to share her family life and professional work with her fans on social media. She has 290K followers on Insta. Most of the time, one can see her sharing pictures of her children and husband on social media. She does also give hair tips on Instagram. She does keep on doing Q and A sessions with her followers.

One just has to take a look at her Insta account where what Katherine is doing will all be clear. She is a model, so social media can be seen as kind of her thing and it has brought her positive outcomes only. I think social media is good but one has to think they should not every negative comment to the brain. Otherwise, it becomes a hell to follow for several people and lead to mental health problems, Katherine’s views on social media.

Katherine Webb Net Worth

Her net worth is $2 million (US dollars) as of 2023. Katherine has earned most of her money from her modelling and television projects. Her husband AJ McCarron has a net worth of USD 6 million as of 2023. It shows that the family is rich and stable and is giving a great life to their children.

Both and AJ and Katherine work with two NGOs. It does help poor children to get basic needs for getting educated. Katherine likes to spend money on herself also as she does have a mega collection of 65 luxury bags. Not many know but she owns one Birkin bag, which is very hard to get and only selected people do get this bag.

She does like sports cars a lot and owns one Lamborghini also.  She has a mega collection of 70 luxury footwear which do show how much she likes to spend her also.

Katherine Webb’s Husband A. J. McCarron

Raymond Anthony “A. J.” McCarron Jr. is an American football player. He was born on September 13, 1990, in Mobile, Alabama. Raymond plays in the quarterback position in the National Football League (NFL). Raymond had played for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills, and the Oakland Raiders before joining the Houston Texans in 2019.

He is known also as the husband of Katherine Webb, who is one of the most known American models. As of 2023, AJ McCarron has a net worth of USD 6 million. He did play for Cincinnati Bengals (2014–2017), Buffalo Bills (2018), and Oakland Raiders (2018). Houston Texans (2019–2020) and Atlanta Falcons (2021) before making a move to St. Louis BattleHawks in 2023. He is known for making an impact in the NFL, which is the most famous sport in America and makes a huge impact in North America. Hence, AJ has become famous around the world.


Q Who is Katherine Webb?

Katherine Webb is a famous American model who is known for being a beauty queen and TV personality.

Q Who is Katherine Webb husband?

American footballer (NFL) A. J. McCarron is the husband of Katherine Webb?

Q Are Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron still married?

In 2021, there was a report that they are parting ways. But Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron are still happily married and are blessed to have two children.

Q Why is Katherine Webb famous?

Katherine Webb is famous for being a model and TV personality. She is also known as the wife of A. J. McCarron.


Katherine Webb is a famous American model who has worked very hard to make her family famous not just her. She did not have any connections but has managed to make a great career. Katherine’s marriage with A. J. McCarron in 2014 did change her life as becoming a WAG makes a personality even more famous. She is blessed to have two children named Tripp McCarron and Gunnar Cruz McCarron. It does show how connected she is to her children. She has become an example for people to follow as she has come from nowhere and has managed to make a great impact.

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