Key Differences Between First Copy Watches and Second Copy Watches

The primary reason why people in India buy first copy watches is due to the extravagant price of the actual luxury watch. People who have a fascination for watches want the best to be their asset. But, due to currency issues, these watches are priced very high, and hence they opt for their copies. Again, there are first copies and second copies sold everywhere. To buy the exact replicas, people should know the difference and buy the right thing.

The Clone World brings you detailed information about the difference between a first copy and a second copy watch. 

  • The first copy watch is almost indistinguishable from those of the original luxury watch. At the same time, a second copy watch shows quite a few differences from the original watch, the foremost being that it shines brighter and looks a lot unrealistic.
  • If the original luxury watch is of a chronograph type, the chronographs in the first copy watches would be identical and work like the real one. On the other hand, the second copy watch would indeed have an accurate chronograph, but it would not work at all and would be installed just for show.
  • A first copy watch would always have the option of a stopwatch that would be working too, just as available in any genuine and luxury chronograph watch. On the contrary, a second copy watch would never contain a stopwatch option. Even if it is there for show, it would not be functional.
  • A luxury watch would always have a lock on the strap that does not compromise the watch’s safety. Hence, a first-copy watch would contain a similar lock that takes care of the watch overall. A second copy watch would use a cheap lock that may get dysfunctional after some days of use.
  • If the luxury watch has a mechanical movement, the chances are high that the first copy watches would have an automatic movement. On the other hand, second-copy replica watches India would generally have the traditional quartz movement since it is cheap to install.
  • First copy watchmakers guarantee you that with proper use, the watch can last you long, if not a lifetime. Whereas, a second copy watch is made of cheap materials and hence they malfunction after some time.
  • Be it leather straps or steel bracelets; a first copy watch would use suitable quality materials which do not get damaged over a long time. On the contrary, a second copy watch’s strap would get deteriorated over a certain period.
  • Watch branding is critical to make it look even more realistic. First-copy watchmakers pay attention to detail and carve the exact copies. Whereas, second copy replica watches India do anything, and hence they can easily be distinguished from the genuine or first copy ones.

The Clone World provides you with detailed guidance across the world of first-copy luxury watches at an affordable rate. They satisfy all the above-given points, and they are the best replica watchmakers in India.

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