10 Key Reasons to Choose Residential Schools in Dehradun

While looking for schools for their child, many parents get caught into a dilemma whether to choose a boarding school or a day school. If parents opt for the residential school, they have to ponder over the benefits these schools provide over the regular day schools. Is boarding school the right place for their kid? It is very important for the parents to get the answers for these questions before they could be confirmed regarding selecting a residential school for their children. Dehradun in Uttarakhand is well known for its residential schools that are offering excellent teaching facilities to the students. There are many residential schools in Dehradun, India from among which you can choose the best for your child.

There are some good reasons why you should choose residential schools in Dehradun. These schools are best known for providing excellent athletics, extracurricular activities and academic achievements to the students. The 10 key reasons why you should choose residential schools in Dehradun are provided below:

1. Advanced learning
Residential schools are the best options if you want to give your child a head start into academics. These schools mostly follow international standard of education, so they hire professional, experienced and well-educated teachers who know best how to impart knowledge to the young learners. Apart from this, they build a learning environment that challenges as well as stimulates the students to experience a world of discovery, accomplishment and satisfaction.

2. Extracurricular and sports activities
Boarding schools like Col Brown Cambridge School in Dehradun give great importance to extracurricular and sports activities because these activities work as the basic building block for the development of a child.

3. Diversity
The top residential schools have a culturally mixed student body as they accept students from every corner of the world. This provides local students the opportunity to know and interact with other cultures.

4. Round the clock supervision
Each child receives supervision 24 x 7 hours and ample guidance and mentoring that helps in their transition into adolescence a bit easier. These schools are supported by highly reliable academic staff and experienced and trained professionals who are expert in handling the social and psychological aspects of every student’s growth.

5. Lifelong bond of friendship
A boarding school allows your child to build lifelong connection and relationship with other students. These schools encourage teamwork as well as character development through one-on-one guidance and support.

6. Best climate
Dehradun is known for its pleasing weather, that’s why you will find numerous schools here providing top quality education to the students. Because of relatively less amount of rainfall compared to other hill stations, Dehradun has become the preferred destination for those looking for top quality education.

7. Better infrastructure
Top residential schools in Uttarakhand are known for their sprawling infrastructure including well developed libraries, science laboratories, spacious computer laboratories and up-to-date audio visual rooms for performances by the students.

8. Sense of community
The students, faculty and administration in a residential school form a kind of substitute for family together that help in bonding among the students.

9. Discipline
Children studying in a residential school learn to be disciplined and responsible as they are taught to maintain a strict timetable and do their own work.

10. Arts facilities
The top boarding schools provide their students with various creative activities including dance, music, fine arts, theater, and other artistic and creative things that help them develop their interests and skills.

So, enroll your child in a top residential school in Dehradun for their bright future.