Knowing the top10 Best Crypto Exchanges & Platforms

Investment in Bitcoin is trending, but how can an unexperienced investor begin?

Do you have to be a holder of Bitcoin for investing?

If you do, can you transfer funds from your account to another account and then transform it into Bitcoin? What would that look like?

We’ll address each of the questions and provide the top 10 cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges that allow customers to purchase Bitcoin or other tokens.

As we move forward, we’ll continue to use BTC that is the symbol used to represent Bitcoin System App on trading and exchange platforms. Bitcoin trader is a valuable addition in this regard.

If you’re just looking to make a profit by investing in crypto, then you should look into a crypto savings account. These accounts can earn up to 12%, however, they have the potential for risk (just as regular crypto investments). Find the top bitcoin savings and cryptocurrency accounts below.

Editor’s Picks For Best Crypto Exchanges:

  • Best Overall: Coinbase
  • Best For Trading: Binance
  • Best To Earn Interest: BlockFi
  • Best For Altcoins: Uphold

Best Crypto Exchanges and Investing Platforms
Here’s our top 10 list of most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges as well as investing as well as trading platforms. The cryptocurrency offers you see on this website are provided by companies that The College Investor receives compensation. This compensation can affect the way and where the products are displayed on this website (including the order in which they appear. their order of appearance are displayed). This College Investor does not include the entire cryptocurrency exchange market or all cryptocurrency offers that are available on the market.
1. Coinbase
coinbase is the most well-known and of the top cryptocurrency exchanges since it allows you to invest directly using USD. It’s possible to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as Litecoin along with more than 30 other tokens and coins on the platform. Additionally you earn interest on your USDT as well as earn token rewards through various tasks.
In addition, when you create an account for the first time Coinbase account, you’ll receive an extra $10 to get established with our coupon code (COLLEGE10)
2. Voyager
Voyager has become a well-known platform to invest in crypto, as it was among the first exchanges that were publicly traded. It is an app-driven platform and offers commission-free trading.
Voyager is compatible with all major cryptocurrency offers excellent support and engagement and offers attractive interest rates for assets.
Additionally, if you create an Voyager account, you will earn $25 BTC when you trade $100 worth of crypto.
3. BlockFi
BlockFi is a crypto investment platform that lets you to lend money and gain interest from your assets. Additionally, rather than selling your tokens and coins you can borrow against your assets.
If you’re simply wanting to keep your coins You can also keep them in the bank and let them generate interest on their own.
Bonus offer:Get up to $250 bonus when you deposit $25 and keep it for a specified amount of time.
4. Uphold
Uphold is a simple way of trading multiple assets. Open one account and then trade multiple assets, without having to go into cash. If you’ve ever traded cryptocurrency, you’ll be aware that many tokens and coins only trade in specific pairs, which means you’re always back to BTC or ETH. However, on Uphold it is possible to trade several assets at once.
Furthermore, Uphold is one of the few exchanges that permit users to trade XRP, DOGE, and many more.
5. Kraken
Kraken is one of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms. They offer a wide range of tokens and coins that you can buy and trade. They also permit margin trading. But, it’s not a true exchange and isn’t as simple to use as the other top platforms listed on this list.
Kraken is among the few platforms that allows you to trade for DOGE, DOGE along with other, more risky tokens.
Notification: Kraken offers a small selection of tokens and coins for US customers, but not international customers.
6. eToro
eToro is in operation for some time in the UK as well as across Europe However, they’re now accepting traders to trade in America to trade on their platform. United States. They have a vast selection of digital currencies to purchase and sell through their platform. Even more importantly, they offer an account to practice trading, to test it out before you ever utilize real money.
At present, eToro is also offering an additional $10 in bonus points when you deposit and exchange $100 worth of crypto-assets.

This advertisement promotes virtual cryptocurrency investment in Europe EU (by eToro Europe Ltd. and eToro UK Ltd.) and USA (by eToro USA LLC) that is extremely volatile, and unregulated in many EU countries, has no EU protections and is not controlled under EU regulators. EU regulations. The investment is subject to risk on the market and may result in the loss of the principal.

7. Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA can be described as slightly different from the other platforms available here. In contrast to most wallets and exchanges it is essentially a way to exchange currencies and taxation on the gains (learn the tax implications of the cryptocurrencies you use here).

That being said, Bitcoin IRA combines the benefits of being a crypto exchange and wallet, while the added benefit of being an IRA. This means that the earnings in the account are tax-free or tax-deferred.

8. is one of the biggest and fastest-growing crypto exchanges. It’s located within Hong Kong, but offers lots of assistance for customers in the US.

Now, you enjoy access to over 90 coins and tokens across the globe in addition to 50 coins and tokens when you’re located in the United States. Additionally, they provide solid rates for the crypto-savings accounts they have.

The biggest disadvantage is that it’s an app at the moment There’s no desktop-based platform.

9. Binance

It is a great platform to get into certain currencies like Cardano and Neo. It’s not as user-friendly as the other top platforms listed however, they have one of the more powerful trading platforms available. They offer a decent mobile app however, they’re not as user-friendly and we’ve had a lot of trouble with the app. Check out the Binance app here.

NOTE: is the version that is available in the United States with a small amount of investments in tokens and coins in as opposed to, which is the version for international users. Binance.

10. Hodlnaut

If you’re in search of a different option to trading cryptocurrency consider Hodlnaut. Hodlnaut is an online savings and lending platform that concentrates on Bitcoin and a variety of stablecoins.

Today you could earn as much as 7.46 percent on bitcoin, and as high as 12.73 percent on your USDC by using the saving and lending options available on their platform.

How To Invest In Bitcoin

The investment process in BTC is like the stock market, however it is it is much more volatile due to the fluctuation in BTC. Below are some steps you can take to begin investing in stocks at the beginning:

  1. Set up a brokerage account with the firm that permits crypto-related investments
  2. You can deposit funds from your account in the account of the broker.
  3. Purchase a share using money that has been deposited (cash balance).
  4. Later , you can sell the stock to make an income or loss. Your funds will be returned to your balance of cash.

The primary difference with BTC is in step three where you purchase BTC or some other cryptocurrency instead of stocks.

With BTC the same flow of money is observed to the majority of cases, however it is contingent on the trading platform or exchange. In certain instances it is possible to purchase BTC by using your credit card, or by transfer money from your bank account.

On alternative platforms, users need to pay BTC directly. This is referred to as direct transfer of BTC.

We’ll talk about the best ways it is possible to make investments in BTC in order to benefit US citizens. The method of investing differs across countries due to differences in the laws and guidelines. Certain countries require more personal details than others in order to confirm that you are genuine.

How To Deposit USD To Buy Bitcoin And Crypto

Coinbase is among the most well-known platforms, and it has a simple procedure. The websites listed below follow the identical procedure. We are awestruck by Coinbase because you will receive $5 when you create an account.

With Coinbase it is possible to sign up for an account with a Coinbase account and connect it to your credit or bank account. Transfer money from your account to buy BTC or make purchases with the credit card you have. credit card transactions of BTC are the most costly.

The steps to purchase BTC involves entering a USD value or an BTC amount. The website will convert the currency to another.

If, for instance, you input $500 USD the site will complete BTC on the BTC part with 0.0357 (or whatever is the most current BTC conversion rate).

Once you’ve got the money completed Click to buy your BTC. Although credit card transactions are expensive the most, they’re also the fastest method of completing BTC transactions.

Banking accounts may take as long as several days. Remember that you’ll receive the exchange rate at the time that you bought BTC.

If BTC increases by 1000 before the time your transaction is completed within three days, you’ll be left out on the increase.

Where exactly will the BTC you bought be? Since you’ve not put it in yet. Your BTC is stored in an electronic wallet. The majority of exchanges will have their own wallets that can be used to store your BTC.

Returning to the example of brokerage, your cash balance can be used to trade stocks. BTC from your account is used to exchange BTC.

What is your USD?

Your wallet contains a space to store BTC in addition to USD. If you make a deposit of 10,000 USD and then buy 5000 USD of BTC the wallet will appear as follows:

The subject of wallets is one that’s a lot of discussion when discussing crypto. We won’t be in-depth on them, but you can make use of a standalone wallet if you do not want to utilize the wallet of the exchange. is one illustration of a standalone wallet. It can be mobile, desktop or even a website-based.

You can also make use of an electronic wallet, such as

After you’ve made a deposit with the exchange of your choice and then purchased BTC and you’re now in a position to invest. Exchanges’ trading platforms appear like brokerage platforms.

You’ll see a chart and buy and sell buttons, which will show an amount in BTC that you can trade.

If you trade in BTC You can also trade it into other currencies as a second way to sell BTC. You can also exchange it with another cryptocurrency and in BTC and vice versa, which is similar to purchasing BTC.

Direct Deposit Of BTC

If the exchange won’t let you purchase BTC through transferring funds or by using credit card, then you may make a deposit of BTC through another exchange.

This can be done by obtaining your wallet’s address from the exchange you want to use. After that, you enter it on the exchange that you are using as a source along and the number of BTC that you want to be transferred to your new account.

The transaction can take a few minutes to allow to see the traded BTC to show up in the wallet of the recipient.

Common Cryptocurrency Exchange Questions

Here are a few of the most frequent concerns we receive regarding our recommendations for the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

What aspects are crucial to consider when choosing the best exchange?

There are several important aspects we take into consideration to be important, such as the variety of coins and tokens that are offered, the cost or commission that is charged as well as the ease of use and safety of the system, customer support, and other options (such as crypto savings accounts).

What is what is the distinction between cryptocurrency exchange and the cryptocurrency wallet?

The wallet was designed to ensure secure storage of your cryptocurrency. Exchanges are designed to let you purchase and sell cryptocurrency quickly and swiftly. A wallet can store your private keys in a secure manner while using the exchange service, you offer the exchange with your private keys. The exchange acts in your capacity as your custodian.

What is the best way to buy cryptocurrency?

Open an account with one among these platforms, pay your fundsand you are able to “exchange” your USD or fiat currency to the cryptocurrency of your choice. Certain cryptos have particular pairs that they trade with So, based on the type of cryptocurrency you wish to purchase you might need to buy something similar to Bitcoin and then trade the Bitcoin for a different token.

What is the amount of money you require to start?

It is possible to start by utilizing the majority of these exchanges for only $5.


The College Investor is dedicated to aiding you in making informed choices about complex financial matters such as determining the most effective cryptocurrency exchange. We achieve this by providing honest reviews of the best cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges for our readers. Then, we compile them to create this comprehensive list.

We’ve selected cryptocurrency exchanges based on our perceptions of how simple to use they are as well as the accessibility of coins and tokens that they can accept on their platforms, the cost in terms of fees and costs, credibility and security, as well as various other aspects. We believe our list accurately represents the top cryptocurrency exchanges available for investors.

Final Thoughts

Making investments in BTC isn’t that different than the stock market. For BTC you must create an account on an exchange. When you are investing in stocks, you create an account at a brokerage. Then you deposit funds.

The only difference between the investment in BTC can be that you need to buy BTC by depositing funds, before being able to trade BTC. But, the first purchase of BTC is the first trade.

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