Kohinoor Presidentia Review

Kohinoor Presidentia offers high-end homes for people who stand out from the crowd and are in the top tiers of society. The Kohinoor Presidentia is the perfect upgrade for the exclusive, with small personal touches. Luxury, sophistication, and the unwavering trust of the Kohinoor group surround the homes in this area. The condos at Kohinoor Presidentia are the epitome of authenticity, with each room feeling like a modern-day palace in the city. 

Kohinoor Presidentia Pune has 2 & 3 BHK Premium apartments built with cutting-edge technology, a global business, and traditional Indian values. The Kohinoor Presidentia homes are built to the highest standards, and the luxurious interiors say a lot about how good the building is. Because of the great enterprise aesthetics and global architecture, the mansions in Kohinoor Presidentia feel like they belong to a king or queen. 

Reason For Buying an Apartment in Kohinoor Presidentia

Kohinoor Presidentia is in Ghorpadi, which is a great place to live. The area is a great place to move to in Pune because it is close to everything and easy to get to. 

Kohinoor Presidentia is one of the best places to live in Pune because it is close to everything and has good connections. From here, it’s easy to get to all kinds of public transportation and services. It is also close to schools, airports, and restaurants, ensuring your family’s needs are met.

The prices for the Kohinoor Presidentia apartments are very cheap. Apartments costs are predicted at 90 lacs. The prices are very reasonable, affordable, and convenient, considering the location, amenities, and facilities. The Kohinoor Presidentia has a deal that only happens once in a lifetime. Its prices and listings are pretty good deals compared to the developed area and other buildings.

Kohinoor Presidentia Amenities Will Impress You

Kohinoor Presidentia is a haven for the richest people in the city. It has everything a king or queen would need to live like royalty. Kohinoor Presidentia is Vastu-friendly in every way, so people there will be happy and at peace. There is a play area, a swimming pool, a luxury lounge, indoor games, and a badminton court as ways to pass the time. A recreation area has a gym and a running track for people who want to work out and play sports. Because they care about the environment, Kohinoor Presidentia has a sewage treatment plant and a system for collecting rainwater.

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A House In Kohinoor Presidentia

1. Location Advantages

  • Bhagwan Tatasaheb Kawade Road (B.T. Kawade), near Magarpatta in the middle of Pune, could be a good place for working people to live. NIBM Road to the south and MG Road to the west also make it easier to get to other parts of the city.
  • The railway flyover near B.T. Kawade Road makes it easy for people to get to Solapur Road. Ghorpadi Road links BT Kawade Road to the Pune Railway Station, about 6 km away. 
  • The New Airport Road makes it easy to get to Pune International Airport, which is only 7 kilometres away. RSI Open Air Theatre and INOX are just 9 minutes away. WOW Cosmetics and Mega Mart are within 3 km

2.Kohinoor Presidentia Price

We were fortunate to locate a home within my price range at Sobha Dream Acre, which has a competitive price range of 90 lakhs for 701 to 1086 square feet. Moreover, it isn’t easy to locate these prices in such a competitive industry now.

3. About Kohinoor Group

For more than 39 years, Kohinoor Group has led the way in developing real estate in Pune. The group started trading cement in 1983 when it started operating under the skilful leadership of Mr Krishnakumar Goyal, Chairman and Managing Director. Only in 1989 did construction and development under the appellation Kohinoor Constructions commence. 


Overall, my Kohinoor Presidentia review is that it is a wonderful place to live and enjoy Pune’s beauty. We have the brochure, which provides the most comprehensive information about a flat. You can also get property brochures and more information by contacting the NoBroker team. To gain insightful knowledge about the project, you can also contact the specialists at NoBroker if you are actively searching for properties in Pune

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