Kristin Austin – Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Wife, Bio, Lifestyle

Kristin Austin is the fourth wife of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend Stone Cold Steve Austin. Kristin and Steve married in 2009. Right after her marriage, Kristin Austin gained a lot of popularity around the world thanks to his famous husband. Kristin assists Steve Austin in his popular podcast called, “The Steve Austin Show.” She plays a very important role as a co-host. 

Bio: Kristin Austin

Kristin hails from the United States of America (USA). Kristin Austin follows Christianity. She likes to enjoy a very simple and calm life. It helps her to flow her life in a better manner. Despite being the current wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kristin doesn’t like to share her family life on social media. She has not even revealed her birthplace, education life, and many other basic things publically.

Kristin Austin: Physical Stats 

Kristin Austin is a beautiful white lady. Her eye color is grey. Kristin’s hair color is blonde. She has a very slim body. Despite being the mother of four children, one can see her dedication to remaining fitter than most after four babies.

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What is the net worth of Kristin Austin?

Kristin Austin’s net worth is not available in the public domain. Even her profession is something the WWE fans would love to know. Earning doesn’t possibly matter to Kristin as her husband is a very rich person. According to various rescores, as of 2020, Stone Gold’s net worth is around about $50 million. It shows that she doesn’t have to worry about money at all.    

Kristin Austin: Cars and House

Kristin Austin seems to be a huge fan of cars. Some of her collections are just a dream to have for many in this world. Bushwacker, Range Rover, Bronco, and Ford are some of the brands associated with her golden family. Kristin and Steve have a tremendously beautiful house in Mariana Del Rey, California. In 2017, he bought a house worth $1.49 million. 

Kristin Austin: Kids and Pats 

Despite being together since 2009, Kristin Austin and Stone Cold Steve Austin haven’t announced the news of their baby. Many WWE fans want Austin to have a baby with KristinBefore becoming the life partner of Steve, Kristin was already blessed with four babies. It was Kristin’s ex-husband who gave her four beautiful children. Kristin Austin and Stone Cold Steve Austin have adopted four impressive dogs. Both are huge pat lovers and play a big part in wildlife protection. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Marriage Life

On 24 November 1990Steve Austin decided to marry his high school love Kathryn Burrhus. However, after just two good years, the WWE legend decided to have his second marriage. He started his next chapter with Jeanie Clarke, who was working with him in WWE at that time. From 1992 to 1999, they spent some golden years together. In 1999, Austin divorced for the second time.

A year later (2000), he became the partner of Debra Marshall. But his third marriage lasted for even three years. He then had a gap of six years. In 2009, Kristin Feres came to his life, and classically changed his behaviour. Now Steve Austin feels much better than he ever felt. For the first time, the fans of Steve Austin have seen him in a relationship for that long time. Almost every WWE fan now wants to see his beloved star to spend his old age classically. Steve Austin is the father of three adorable children. 

Kristin Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Movie Career

Stone Cold Steve Austin has worked in the following movies! 

Beyond The Mat (1999), The Longest Yard (2005), The Condemned, (2007), Damage (2009), The Expendables (2010), The Stranger (2010), Hunt to Kill (2010), Whoop Ass (2010), Recoil (2011), Knockout (2011), Tactical Force (2011), Maximum Conviction (2012), The Package (2013), Grown Ups 2 (2013), Chain of Command (2014), and Smosh: The Movie (2015). 

Kristin Austin: Social Media 

Kristin Austin is not a big fan of social media. She doesn’t post and make her experience public on Instagram and various channels of social media. Her Facebook profile is private. It means only her real friends can see her life on Facebook. Many famous wives of WWE stars post many pictures and videos on social media to increase their profiles in a fine fashion. She likes to live a very simple life, not filled with controversies and all. She helps her husband a lot in his shows and all at the moment.

This is the only time you can see and know something about Stone Cold Steve Austin, who hails from Taxes (USA), in a better manner. If you are a big fan of Kristin Austin, this can be very sad information for you. As a fan, most of us always want to see what our beloved stars are doing. However, we can’t force Kristin Austin to make her presence look superbly active on virtuous platforms of social media. 

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Kristin Austin’s husband – Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE 

Stone Cold’s name is just enough to sell a whole arena as fast as firing cannon even at the moment. Stone Cold had done a great job to make RAW and SmackDown’s WWE’s best products. Many Stone Cold fans also think that he is the only one that can beat Dwayne Johnson, also known as the Rock popularly, when it comes to doing a trash talk. Stone Cold was a true jam of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and without him, the brand would not be the same as it is now. 

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