Lash Protection Tips: Everything You Need To Know

The lashes are one of the main parts of your beauty. With the arrival of the season, people start worrying about a lot of things. The stunning aspect plays an important role in maintaining beauty.

It is also the time you should take proper care of your volume lashes, hair and skin. The moisture in the environment has an important role to play, too, due to low temperature and lack of humidity. The hair and skin become dry, but it will also affect how the lashes look. Especially during winter, lashes become brittle and also breaks.

If you have lash extensions from Lashify, you need to be very careful with how you apply them. Climate plays an important role in the growth and maintenance of your lashes. As a lash artist, you will need to take care of a lot of things. If you want to chill in a cosy winter, you need to have the right things.

What are the protection tips for lashes?

As suggested above, lashes are incredibly crucial for your beauty. These play an important role in enhancing the overall impact. Opting for lash extension protection tips can be pretty helpful. Some of the prominent lash protection tips that you need to follow in the long run include the following.

Do not choose oil-based makeup

Oil-based makeup is great, but if you have lashes on, oil-based makeup is a huge No. The oil-based makeup interferes with the adhesive, and it eventually affects the bond. You might as well choose waterproof mascara and eyeliners. However, note that you may have a tough time removing these.

If the false lashes are attached to your original lashes, you must apply them thoroughly to prevent them from falling. The lash extensions can make your eyes look mesmerizing and sensuous. However, if you are looking forward to adding some charm, you need to add a few safety techniques.

Have a balanced diet with high vitamin intake

At the end of the day, your health is your overall wealth. If you want to have a healthy diet, you need to consume these properly to get all the benefits for your skin, hair and lashes. If you have a proper diet, you need to have a proper balance of vitamins and minerals.

The nutrient in your diet can be beneficial for your nails, bones, teeth and hair. If you want to have a balanced diet, you might as well choose a silica supplement. Some of the prominent vitamins you need to consume for your diet include vitamin C, B, D and E. However, if these are consumed in appropriate proportions, a balanced diet can play an essential role in boosting your skin and hair problems.

Vitamin C is rich in antioxidant characteristics that can play an important role in boosting your hair and skin. It protects the skin against visible damages. It is advisable to consult a nutritionist to know which diet will help in the retention of lashes.

Clean and moisturize the lashes

The key to protecting your lashes is to clean and moisturize them thoroughly. If you have brittle lashes, you may not want to use traditional moisturizers. Not only do you need to moisturize your skin, but also moisturize the lashes. There are special serums for lash extensions that can help to moisten and improve the look of sparkling lashes.

Chilly weather can damage your lash extensions. It is advisable to choose proper lash cleaners to keep the lashes healthy and skin. Furthermore, it will also be beneficial for your lashes to keep away the debris that may be on your skin throughout.

Opt for refills

You shouldn’t miss your refill appointments if you want to have beautiful lashes. Depending on the climatic condition, you need to visit the lash artists accordingly.

If you go for refill sessions, the artist will replace the damaged extensions and take proper care of the health. If you are tired of premature lash falls, you need to be talking to your lash artist. This would play an important role in avoiding errors. Nonetheless, you need to be careful with the experiments you make, as they will change the entire look.

Protect the lashes for saunas, steams and hot water baths

Sauna streams are some of the prominent places you need to visit regularly. These play an important role in rejuvenating your entire body and will make you feel fresh.

Whenever you’re going for saunas and steams, you need to avoid putting extensions. Moreover, you also need to avoid rubbing your eyes while these are on. Your lashes need special care during the winters. If you want a luxurious feel, you need to avoid putting your hands on the lashes too often.


It is essential to clean the lashes thoroughly to get the benefits. It will play an important role in maintaining the duration of your lashes as well.

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