Let’s get packed for the beach! 5 must-have outfits for menṣ

Beaches are super fun, especially in summer, but boring clothes can kill the excitement. So, to keep the party going, here are 5 outfit ideas for your next beach day.

Ready? Set? Go!

1. Casual T-shirt and shorts

This one is the most common beach look. Just grab your shorts and favorite T-shirts, and you are good to go. However, sleeveless tees are best if you want a funky look or want to flaunt your muscles.

In case your beach day also includes swimming or water polo, trunks or board shorts are great choices. Don’t forget to wear sober-colored flip-flops or sandals and sunglasses to finish the look.

If you are confused about what shorts will look best on you, keep reading.

There are many types of men’s short pants. The fabrics, prints, and sizes are some of the main attributes of this classification. Cotton is the most sought-after fabric for shorts as these are comfy and lightweight. 

If you are tall, pick striped patterned cotton shorts. It will add more volume and will increase the seductiveness. If your height is between 5’0- 5’7 or lower, try well-fitted above-the-knee shorts. It will make you look slightly taller. You can also experiment with vertical stripes.

Never wear printed tees with printed shorts; it creates a mismatch. Instead, pair a solid t-shirt with printed shorts or vice versa.

2. Swim trunk with performance shirt

If you are going to the beach, especially for swimming, you must pack swim trunks. You can understand from the name that it is made for swimmers. These are more versatile and lightweight than any other beach outfit.

Also, this kind of trunk absorbs minimal water and dries up quickly. Plus, some swim trunks protect your body from chlorine and accidents. Besides all these advantages, they show the perfect curves of men’s bodies.

If you are someone who has a chiseled body, these trunks will also allow you to show off those muscles.

The performance shirts come with minimal UV resistance, and the fabric dries off faster than ever. They are perfect for the beach. If you are new to the beach, wear a water-resistant sneaker with this look.

3. Long sleeves shirt with chinos

Chinos are widely popular for pulling off casual office looks. But, especially if you are going to the beach as a part of an official trip, you can also carry this look for beach weddings.

Pack a nice pair of long cotton sleeves. Choose linen, chambray, or seersucker if you wish to experiment with unique fabrics. Make sure to tuck the shirt.

The shade of chinos depends on the color of the shirt. You can either go for bright shades of pastel colors. To create a contrasting look, wear a light-colored shirt with dark chinos or vice versa but make sure they complement each other.

Further, pair it up with leather loafers to give it a finishing touch.

4. DYE-tees with denim shorts

People are going gaga over dye-tees, and for all the good reasons. So, if you have one, don’t forget to pack them for your beach day.

Not all shorts go with this tee, so be careful when pairing it up. You can either pick denim shorts with it or shorts with denim print.

5. Sweatshirts with track pants

After all the fun and enjoyment of the day, the sun sets. A cold breeze fills the area. During this time, you will need something that can snuggle your body and looks equally attractive.

This is when you know sweatshirts are the ideal choice. They are light plus stylish. Pair it with your track pants; voila, your evening look is ready!

Over to you…

Now that you have almost 5 outfits ready for your trip, pack your bag accordingly. Carry a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin and head from the sun. Always keep an extra sweater handy, as the nights can be really chilly.