Link Building Strategies for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced digital world link building is becoming increasingly important to improve anyone’s business. These days, most businesses are also all about shifting to the online universe or creating an online presence which has caused the practice to further gain momentum.

As a result, business websites require traffic from search. This further creates the need to secure links from relevant websites consistently. Link building is essentially the process of promoting your website to other website owners with the primary intention of securing a hyperlink on their site to your page and vice versa.

However, the quality and authority of the pages that you build these links with play a major role in determining your rank in search engine results. Thankfully, there are a few proven ways to achieving the position you desire with search results like buying backlinks, and they are especially helpful for busy individuals who want to stay mindful of their coveted positions.

1.  Embracing Blogging

Strategic blogging comes with a whole array of benefits and more and more companies have been realising this with each passing day. Guest blogging is also gaining popularity likewise.

But the key to harnessing the power of blogging to your advantage lies in strategic guest blogging. If you wish to set the goal of driving more traffic to your website, you must target such blogs.

Simply put, if you want your website to rank among Google’s first page results then you must strive towards getting your content published on the sites that are already ranked high.

2. Creating Infographics

Visual content should ideally be accompanying any blog post. But infographics specifically tend to generate 37.5% more backlinks than a standard blog post. Such visual components are extremely well suited to clearly communicate any idea or concept in easy terms. As such, data, research and statistics work the best.

3. Using the Broken Link Strategy to Your Advantage

This is probably the best solution for those individuals who are too busy to write their own content and also lack the means to hire someone.

The broken link strategy works by looking for pages or blogs with links that no longer work. Once you find one or more of such dead links all you have left to do is request the owner of the broken link to replace it with content from your site.

4.Checking Backlinks of Competitor Sites

One of the main reasons that a site attains a high rank on search results is because of backlinks. In other words, the more links you can earn for your website from external high authority or relevant websites the higher your rank will be.

Due to this, you also need to be aware of who is currently on top. Once you identify your main competitors, you can learn where their links are coming from and how those are helping them succeed. There are sites like SEMrush and Open Site Explorer that help with the analysis of such backlinks from competitor sites.

5. Replicating the Better Links from Your Competitors

Regardless of the metric involved, the strongest links are bound to be originating from high domain authority pages.

This is where social media comes into play and serves a dual purpose. Not only does it allow you to connect with other blogs influential individuals in your area of expertise but also helps you replicate the links in the long run.

The first step to achieving the improvement of your ranking is building a strong base and gradually moving upwards. This works by manual requests, on-site user engagement features and viral marketing that is made possible by networking on social media.

Final Words

Along the same lines, our final words would be that the real challenge in link building lies in obtaining quality and trusted high authority links. Start by getting to know what makes a link powerful and focus on improving your link power in the same vein.

Coupled with strategic blogging and marketing techniques you are sure to be on your way to becoming a successful blogger that search engines will end up ranking high on their result page.

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