A child’s mind is said to be an “empty vessel.” Teachers are significant figures that fill it with knowledge, wisdom, morals, and etiquette. They inspire students like no other can, build their character, and install the right and wrong sense. Learners look towards their teachers as their heroes and role model. Shaping the young minds and preparing them for future endeavors is a big responsibility. It demands the teachers to have exemplary character. Their personality should have attributes that match the need of their profession.  So here is a list of qualities that a teacher must possess:

  1. Must have a special bonding with students:

Classrooms are a teacher’s blank canvas; they can paint it however they like. A teacher sets the mood and atmosphere of the class. A solid and cordial relationship between teacher and students increases the learning potency. Students gain more insightful knowledge and become more confident when the teachers show trust and support. Additionally, students tend to find ease and develop an interest in studies with friendly and compatible teachers. Overtly strict teachers negatively impact students’ will to learn and acquire new concepts.

  • Understand the individual needs of each student:

Not all five fingers are equal in length. Similarly, all the students in the class have different calibers and capabilities. It is pivotal that the teacher understands every student’s need and tries to help in that particular area. It is comparatively easy to become a tutor than a teacher as the tutor has only one student to nourish and guide. Students highly regard those teachers who understand where they stand, their lackings, and their strengths. A good teacher also facilitates each student differently to ensure every student in the class achieve the target.

  • Values Students’ views:

A good teacher is flexible enough to listen to the students’ point of view even if it contradicts his.  Every learner’s opinion matters in a discussion. It develops a comfortable environment in the class. It also encourages the students to develop independent personalities and the patience to listen to other’s views. This great teacher’s practice prepares students for the real world, where they become tolerant and level-headed citizens. Additionally, it also builds up their self-esteem and self-reliance.

  • Should have a compassionate personality:

A teacher has such high regard for a student’s life that they follow in his footsteps. A caring, kind, and patient teacher inculcates all these qualities in the students as well.It makes the real world a better place, and people become sympathetic towards the sufferings of humanity.It also directly influences the performance of learners who grow and nourishes with anaccessible and considerate teacher.

  • Motivates and encourage students:

A person can achieve astounding success in any field and subject if he has strong motivation from someone. If it comes from an encouraging and inspiring teacher, then the chances of significant accomplishments increase tenfold.  Research further shows that students who are motivated manifest heightened engagement in academics. Thus, an exceptional teacher encourages students. Itpushes them to work hard and achieve sound results. This motivation also acts as a vital tool for long-term success.

  • Can adapt and alter as per the teaching needs:

An effective teacher is not afraid to change and adapt to new ways. Whether it is using new modes of technology in the learning space or altering the lesson’s track when it is not going well,a teacher must adapt.  With its high-paced technology and advancement, the digitalized world dictates that teachers must adhere to innovative teaching modes. Avoiding change only forms a distance between teachers and students. While attracting them towards learning, using their generation’s technology ensures high academic outcomes.

  • Show empathy towards students’ issues:

Students are under a lot of pressure and burdens. The extensive curriculum, assignment deadlines, and upcoming exams cause high stress and anxiety. Suppose the students know that their teacher will listen to their problems and show empathy in such a scenario.In that case, they feel relaxed. A teacher should always express an understanding behavior that propels the students to share their problems. Often peer bullying is the reason for anxiety and depression among students. So much so that it makes them lose their focus from education and deteriorate their academic position. Thus, it is vitally important that a teacher should be empathetic so the student can have a reliable and kind person to come to for their issues.

  • Teachers must be lifelong learners:

One of the important qualities of a good teacher is the constant acquisition of education and knowledge. He must have dedication towards learning and gaining new insights about a topic. A teacher who possesses excellent teaching abilities has a potent love of learning that they dearly want to transfer to their students. The regular increase in teachers’ wisdom and knowledge paves the way for continued expansion in students’ learning.

Wrap up:

Teaching is rewarding, satisfying, and pleasing for those who think of it as a passion. A great and exceptional teacher never considers it to be just a profession. He believes that education is an ongoing process that can bring a significant change in anyone’s life. So through devoted teaching practice, he inspires to leave an everlasting impression on his pupils. It can groom and prepare them for the bearings of the real world.

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