What to Look for Selecting the Top Engineering Colleges in Kolkata

The real ordeal that begins for a student after clearing the 12th examination is to make the right decision about enrolling into the best college. As there are many options available these days, deciding from the thousands of engineering colleges in India can be a difficult decision. However, Kolkata has emerged as a favourite destination for the students looking for affordable engineering education. So, here we have provided some tips to select the top engineering colleges in Kolkata. Here are the different factors that one should keep in mind while making a choice about the college of study.

1) Infrastructure: it is one of the most important factors which one should consider while choosing an engineering college in Kolkata. The infrastructure of the college is not only about how the building looks, but it should also have enough facilities for the academic growth of the students. It includes the classroom, administrative building, well-equipped labs, activity room, playing ground and much more. During your four years of graduation studies, you cannot sacrifice any of these facilities to learn and thrive.

2) Faculty: it is important to have faculty members who are well known and cater to all the problems of the student. A good faculty can make your dream come true. Always look for the faculty of the college. Talk to the alumni, the students or even the teachers to get a bigger picture of the college.

3) Placement Cell: Placement cell is one of the most important factors which should be on your mind while deciding on a college. A good placement cell can help you land up with a great job after your graduation. Placement of the college depends upon different factors. Obviously, individual talent and personality are important to crack any interview, but with a good past placement record, it becomes easy to get a job.

4) Facilities: facilities provided by best engineering colleges in Kolkata should be one of the factors to be kept in mind while deciding upon a college. The facilities provided by a college help you during your college period. It may include the library, internet, hostel, seminar halls, dispensary, gym, and other facilities.

5) Location: location plays an important role for some people. However, if the college is very far, then it becomes very difficult for a student to go and meet their parent now and then, and that can make him or her more stressed. A college near an industrial or software hub can be slightly useful as it can help a student to enjoy an internship in the last years of training.

You can gather all the information about the colleges on internet. For accurate information, visit their website and research the different criteria. You can even visit the colleges personally. Consulting your seniors and taking the help of a counsellor can also be a great idea to make the best decision. JIS College of Engineering is one of the best engineering colleges in West Bengal. Though you can come across many other colleges and universities, but it is one of the top-notch as it caters to the needs of the students and provides them with quality education to help them find the suitable job in the future.

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