It’s High time that you have started looking for Jobs in Johor

Malaysia’s second most popular city, Johor Bahru is rapidly developing and capturing the attention of investors from around the world. Located in the southernmost part of Malaysia, this capital city of Johor is densely populated with over 3.66 million citizens at present and the staggering annual growth of 1.2% makes it the fastest growing city in South –East Asia. Nothing attests more to the popularity of this region than the fact that it is strategically placed between the Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia Growth Triangle to promote mutual economic development within the three regions. This place is abundant in natural resources along with an adequate supply of labour which makes it worthwhile to seek jobs in Johor.

Jobs in Johor

As surprising as it may seem, more than 3 lakh people commute to Singapore for job opportunities and interestingly, Singaporeans find Johor as the most favourable shopping zone and head straight over to this place. Johor is closely connected with Singapore via the second link expressway and the causeway. It is said that the Johor Bahru–Singapore Rapid Transit System will make cross-border transit as easy as pie. It goes without saying that Johor is the epicentre of trade with a favourable economy and geography as well. It won’t be surprising to find a great chunk of expatriates looking for jobs in Johor considering a city so prosperous that it has become a commercial and cultural hub for investors and tourists alike.

The development of the main southern development corridor in Johor, known as Iskandar Malaysia development project was dubbed as the largest development project ever in the region. It all began in 2006 with an objective to create a powerful economic center that would harness support from selected manufacturing sectors to drive maximum growth. Sectors that are integral to the economic growth in the region are electrical and electronics, petrochemical, food processing, and oleochemical products. Even though Singapore has been investing aggressively in this project, the majority of the investment comes from the domestic market which shows Iskandar will replicate the success of Shenzhen in Southeast Asia.  Then there are sectors that also attract seekers for jobs in Johor- finance, real estate, healthcare, education, and creative industries to name a few.

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With more and more investors keen on setting up factories and headquarters in Johor Bahru, foreign investment has been the focal point in this region. Moreover, the city receives outstanding footfall around the year, labelling tourism as one of the most important sectors in the region. Interestingly, Chinese tourists are considered an important segment, particularly those hailing from Singapore, that’s why; the visa and travel registration process has become more even more accessible than ever.  It goes without saying that Johor is a hotbed of opportunities with so many avenues attracting foreign investment alongside the flourishing tourism market. For those aspirants who have multi-lingual proficiency, the sky is the limit.Set featured image

If you are on the lookout for the best opportunities in Southeast Asia, then consider finding jobs in Johor for building a rewarding career. You should actively search for job postings on authentic websites or reach out to a recruitment firm. During the job search phase, building a professional social network and joining same-interest group forums will also come in handy.

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