Mahajan Imaging Centre (RN) Lab Tests and Health Checkup Packages in New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital city of India. The city serves as the administrative district of Delhi and a major economic and cultural hub in the country. As part of NCT Delhi, the district has some of the best Indian healthcare systems today. Diagnostic centers and medical facilities flourish all over New Delhi. It is easy to find healthcare service providers to serve locals and expatriates. The staff of medical facilities like Mahajan Imaging Center can perform various diagnostic tests. The pioneer in providing state-of-the-art radio-diagnosis tests currently offers the following services. 

3.0T Digital MRI 

The innovative 3.0T Digital MRI machine helps ensure faster and more accurate MR imaging in New Delhi. Unlike the typical MRI scanners that produce uncomfortable noise for the patients, the one used in Mahajan Imaging Center uses a unique technology known as the “Silent MRI.” This time, the patient will only hear room-level noise to make them more relaxed during the scan. 

Cardiac GSI Spectral CT 

The Hauz Khas branch of Mahajan Imaging recently installed the first Discovery CT750-HD FREEdom Edition Dual Energy CT Scanner featuring the revolutionary GSI Cardiac Spectral Imaging features in India. It is considered the best and most reliable CT scanner in the world.  This type of scanner can help doctors look for blocked stents in the patient’s body. This feature was not possible in the past. It can also provide more information regarding myocardial perfusion to help healthcare experts decide how to treat their patients. 

Open Standing MRI 

The pioneer imaging center in New Delhi also offers an open-designed MRI machine for patients who require evaluation in their musculoskeletal areas, including the spine. The machine called the G-Scan comes with an open design that tilts, which is the first of its kind in the country. The G-Scan design is perfect for claustrophobic patients who are uncomfortable in having their MRI scans done. It can also provide the best view of the spine using the patient’s natural standing position. 


Maharani Imaging also offered the first private PET-CT machine in India in 2007. It is an advanced molecular imaging procedure required by doctors to help them diagnose any illnesses by measuring the body’s metabolic activity. It also combined the features of a PET scanner and a high-resolution Multi-Slice CT machine. 

Medical experts like radiation oncologists can take advantage of PET CT’s outputs to come up with customized radiation fields for their patients. It will help reach all the cancer cells without damaging the nearby healthy tissues. Surgeons may also use the PET CT to know exactly where to perform surgical excision or biopsy.  

True Digital X-Ray DR Systems

The pioneer of radio-diagnostic tests in New Delhi also provides an extensive range of Digital X-ray systems that stand out all over the world. The systems offer unequaled image quality while drastically decreasing the patient’s exposure to radiation. With Digital X-ray systems’ help, the doctors will have a clearer view of the patient’s bones and joints. It can also clearly show a person’s internal organs. The images can help the doctors determine any breaks and fractures. 

Cone Beam Dental CT 

India got its first Cone Beam Dental CT through the services of the Mahajan Imaging Center. The machine takes advantage of an unstructured silicon flat panel detector and the latest cone beam technology to generate volumetric images with significantly lower radiation doses. It promises to get clearer and more precise images compared to the usual 16 or 64-slice CT scan machines. 

Dentists can appreciate the products of Cone Beam Dental CT scanners to get better views of impacted teeth. It will also help them determine the perfect place for dental implants. The machine also allows dentists to provide better cosmetic surgical planning and orthognathic surgery. 

Other Innovative Services Offered By Mahajan Imaging Center 

The world-class imaging center in New Delhi and other parts of India also provides special packages designed to help people get the best diagnostic assessments in the country. It includes comprehensive health assessments for both men and women. The center also has organ-specific packages for better diagnosis. It provides preventive evaluation for Lung and Heart Health, Urological and Kidney Health, and assessments for various serious ailments like Stroke, Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Dementia, and Headache or Migraine.  Diagnostic centers like Mahajan Imaging promises to provide the most comfortable experience using highly advanced machines and medical technologies. Its team of expert staff and healthcare providers can guarantee their patients of getting the best treatments and procedures at all times. Patients only need to look for the branch that can provide the best convenience.

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