Main Online Gambling Trends in 2022

Growing Industry

While the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on many countries and markets, lots of people forced to stay home flock to online casinos to get a break and, if lucky, enjoy a win or two. Global gambling statistics show that more than 1.6 billion people gamble across the world. All of them without exception demand constant upgrades, fun games, a great variety of games, generous bonuses, and better loyalty programs.

In 2022, we’ll see a combination of new and current trends affecting the gambling industry and its customers. We give you a review of the key online gambling trends you can’t miss if you want to make the most of the opportunities they offer.

Changing player habits

With mobile phones getting increasingly sophisticated and multi-functional, 2002 will see more players opting to use phones instead of their laptops. This means that online casinos will be investing more in the development of applications compatible with mobile devices without losing much or any of the features offered by the respective websites.

The world’s leading casinos have already started adjusting to this new development. Millions of players already enjoy the great variety of games and promotions reviews offered by Best Casino Play to all kinds of players. They can expect an even greater selection in 2022.

Cryptocurrencies calling the shots

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, we’ll see an increasing number of online casinos offering players to either pay or receive payouts in crypto. While a complete move to cryptocurrency payments is unlikely, many will offer a hybrid of traditional and crypto-based options.

This bodes well for the players who live in countries with strict policies on online gambling, restricting their ability to use traditional payment methods. For them, this is great news.

On the downside, those who pay cryptocurrencies run the risk of compromising their anonymity. The matter is that sportsbooks and casinos are often legally required to collect identity-related data to minimize the risk of fraud and corruption. As an owner of cryptocurrencies, you might not be willing to share that information. 

Games becoming more interactive

Given the amount of time players will be spending on gambling, it is not surprising that many would want to see enhanced interaction with the virtual space they’ll be playing in. So, expect more colorful and stylish graphics, a larger number and choice of interactive games, and a possibility to interact with other players. Interaction also adds to the multiple brain benefits of online gambling, which are ranging from better concentration and intellectual sharpness to better socialization and communication skills.

Gambling more safely

The gambling industry and players should expect governments to take extra measures to increase the safety of both players and operators. Overall, this should be great news for both. These measures will prompt online casinos to behave in a more responsible way while protecting players from excessive gambling. Some casinos have already started establishing deposit limits, others warn players that they have been playing for too long.

A greater number of live dealers

Many players want to engage with live dealers to create the atmosphere of a real, live casino. This isn’t really surprising because ever since the first casinos opened up, gamblers have enjoyed playing with dealers as a fun experience in itself. This means that many casinos will be upgrading their Blackjack and Baccarat games to attract more customers.

Bottom Line

The year of 2022 is a promising one for gamblers. Technological advances and changing customer behavior pave the way for innovation and creativity on the part of operators. Many have already started adjusting to the pandemic-induced lifestyle changes, which force people to spend most of their time at home. Both players and online casinos stand to benefit from the changes and gambling trends in 2022 if they continue to engage with each other in a way that is responsible and mutually beneficial.


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