Marijuana, also known by several other names like Ganja, Hash, Cannabis, Grass, Weed, Pot, is a brown, green, or grey mix of crumbled up and dried parts of the marijuana plant.

Marijuana Plant contains certain chemicals that affect the brain, and its nerves, thereby altering your mood and consciousness.


  1. Mixing it in food and eating it
  2. Rolling it and smoking like a cigarette
  3. VAPING: by use of electrical vaporizers
  4. Brewing it in the form of tea
  5. DABBING: smoking the plant’s oils
  6. Smoking it in a pipe


Marijuana consumption can cause short and long term effects, some of which are :


Alterations in the sense of time or other senses of the body

Mood changes, losing control over body motions, etc.


People who start consuming marijuana from an early age have retarted brains, and their thinking and analyzing ability gets inhibited.

Problems in the respiratory tract include not breathing and problems in hormonal and reproductive system development.


Proper storage of marijuana is crucial if you want it to last long with its properties intact.

The place where you store them decides their flavor and potency

AVOID HIGH TEMPERATURES: this is because high temperature makes it crumbled and evaporates the terpenes it has. So avoid keeping it near heaters or outside, rather store them in some cool, dark place, say a drawer will work just fine.

AVOID TOO MUCH CONTACT TO AIR AND MOISTURE:For long-term storage of marijuana, avoid too much air as it makes it lose its freshness while contact with moisture will turn it moldy, thus destroying its freshness, flavor, taste, etc.

So to keep it in a potent, balanced state, a balanced environment is essential.

Proper humidity levels, i.e., approx 59-63 %, should be maintained; excess humidity rots marijuana making it unpleasant to smoke with false odors.


Direct exposure to the sun, which has UV rays, affects the potency of weed.

    This is so because the cannabinoids (chemicals in marijuana) get broken down, thus hampering its potency. UV rays also damage the terpenes of weed.

Hence, it is to be kept in a dark, cool place.

Some specific containers to store marijuana are also available in the market, called cannabis stash boxes. These boxes have multiple jars in them and along with labels where you can write and re-write the names of the different strains you’re storing. These boxes enable the storage of multiple strains in one place. Various strains like marathon og will be preserved long.


marijuana is always kept away from other garden plants for the longevity of both marijuana and other plants. Avoid lighters, pipes, etc., near weed plants.

While storing in jars, proper care is essential to make sure that it does not absorb too much moisture, thus making it unpleasant and moldy in texture.

Airtight containers, Dark, Glass Containers, Marijuana Humidors are some excellent options for long-term storage of marijuana.

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