Miller Heiman Workshops

Following are the services that we provide in Miller Heiman workshops:

Conceptual Selling (CS): It furnishes you with a client engaged, shared arranging process for anybody in your group who communicates with clients. Calculated Selling sets a structure and strategy for good client collaborations that either push an open door ahead or improve the relationship.

Strategic Selling (SS): Immediately improve your organization’s capacity to win complex arrangements with a reliable methodology and deals procedure. Vital Selling gives demonstrated procedures and a typical language for reliably winning more arrangements.

Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP): Get your key players on the same wavelength and have them center cooperatively around objectives and targets. LAMP® gives a demonstrated procedure and structure for reasonable accomplishment with key records and a client centered methodology for long haul system advancement. 

Professional Selling Skills: Research-based arrangements demonstrated to give abilities to your business group that will change them into world-class deals experts. Proficient Selling Skills will get your group outfitted to convey superior outcomes.

 SPIN Selling Conversations: Based on a demonstrated way to deal with developing deals discussions through cutting edge addressing abilities. The preparation programs in SPIN Selling give an extensive, organized way to deal with improving your group’s capacity to draw in clients with keen exchange and plan the best procedure for propelling the deal.

 Channel Success Essentials: It presents Channel Enablers ChannelPRO procedure, a structure of key execution zones explicitly created to set up and assess viable banding together projects and techniques. The ChannelPRO™ structure is utilized to lead members through a progression of short workshop practices in which members assess their organizations’ banding together projects, procedures and aptitudes against industry best practices.

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