Moves and rankings in a game can improve your understanding. Know how

Most of the online games have leaderboards and online rankings where every player can find their current position and play accordingly. The aim of these in-game leaderboards is implemented in the game to bring more competitive elements into it. Players are given unique identification numbers and ranked based on their points.

There are also multiple leaderboards in some games, and the rankings are given according to certain conditions. For example, a game may have two types of leaderboards and a ranking system where one is based on the games played, and another is based on games won.

One such type of game where your moves and ranking in the game can improve your understanding of the game is the flush card game. The more you play, the better you will become at this game because the flush card game requires some particular skill sets such as instant decision making, detailed observation and quick thinking. The quality of your game will increase when you create your own strategy while playing the card game. In this article, we will decipher the significance of rules, moves and ranking while you delve yourself into playing the flush card game.

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More about the flush card game

The flush card game originated in India, and this particular game is also named as Teen Patti and Flash. The Flush card game has been inspired and derived from an original English card game called Three-card brag, which is a very popular game in South Asia. Now let’s learn how to play Teen Patti.

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Step by step gameplay of flush card game

Basics and card dealings

The dealer for the game is chosen in a random manner. The players are given three cards each, and the game is initiated in a clockwise manner. The player on the left-hand side of the dealer makes the first bet, and then the betting continues in the clockwise position throughout the round table.

To remain in the game, every player has to keep on betting, and if someone does not want to bet anymore at the moment, the player will have to fold. Moreover, the additional bet any player wants to make will depend upon the current stake and if the players are playing seen or blind. When the game starts, the current stake will be considered as the minimum bet, and for your information, the current stake is what the player before you bet.

The concept of Blind and Seen

Before placing a bet, the players have the option to look at the cards in their hands; this is called playing the scene. If they leave their cards as it is, then the move will be termed as playing blind. The players who are playing blind have the option to look at their cards anytime during the game, and once they look at their cards, they play will be considered seen.

How to bet in the flush card game

If you are playing blind and the player before you is also blind, then you will either have to bet the current stake as the minimum figure, or you will have to bet the double amount of the current stake. If the player before you is playing and you are still playing blind, then you can either bet the same as the current stake amount, or you will have to bet at least half (as the minimum value) of the current stake.

On the other hand, if you are playing seen and the player before you is playing blind, then for you, the minimum bet would amount to twice the current stake and four times the current stake as the maximum value. Similarly, if you and the player before you both are playing, then you can either match the current stake for betting, or you can also bet twice the current amount as the maximum figure.

Without the following incidents, the betting continues

  1. In case excluding one player, everyone folds their cards. The last player wins the game and gets all the money irrespective of the cards held by the other players.
  2. If all players fold their cards except for only two persons and among these two remaining players, one of the players pays to show the cards, then both players’ cards will be shown and compared. The one who possesses the better hand will eventually win the game, and if the situation arises where both plates have the same hands, then the one who didn’t request the show will win the game.

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