Moxfield Announces Social Media Platform Dedicated

If you’re a fan of Magic: The Gathering, you probably know how important a strong deck is. A deck of cards is more than simply a collection of playing cards; it also represents your strategy, playstyle, and personality. However, how can one create a deck that suits them best? How do you determine which cards, combos, and synergies are best for the archetype and format you have selected? How do you show other players your deck so they can comment on it and offer suggestions? And how do you keep an eye on your deck’s performance and statistics?

The response to each of these questions is Moxfield. The Moxfield platform allows you to create, modify, organise, and distribute your Magic: The Gathering decks online. Whether you are a novice or an experienced builder, Moxfield has everything you need to improve your deck building.

About Moxfield

Moxfield is an online community for players and fans of Magic: The Gathering (MTG). It is a feature-rich and intuitive deck-building and sharing platform that provides a wealth of tools and features to improve the MTG gaming experience.

Deck construction is one of Moxfield’s main business activities. Players have direct access to the platform to build, modify, and oversee their MTG decks. The user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to reorganise their decks, add cards, and change quantities. To help players locate the cards they need for their decks, Moxfield also offers auto-completion and real-time card suggestions.

The card database of Moxfield is another exceptional feature. It features a sizable collection of Magic: The Gathering cards, each with comprehensive details about the card—such as its name, mana cost, kind, and rules text. When building their decks, users can quickly search through and peruse the cards, guaranteeing they have access to the most recent data.

Moxfield serves as a thriving community centre in addition to being a place for deck building and card searching. By sharing their decks with the Moxfield community, users enable others to see, critique, and provide suggestions for their works. The platform’s social component encourages cooperation and inspiration among MTG players by creating a feeling of community.

Moxfield is a vital online tool for players of Magic: The Gathering. It provides a variety of tools for playtesting, card searching, and deck building and cultivates a lively MTG community. Moxfield offers the resources and community you need to improve your Magic the Gathering experience, regardless of your level of experience.

Some Features of Moxfield

Additionally, Moxfield offers a tonne of amenities that make deck building easier and more fun.

Your deck’s name, description, tags, and categories can all be altered using the deck editor. Use the playtest mode to test your deck online against other players or against yourself. View the mana curve, colour distribution, card types, and other details of your deck by using the analysis mode.

To see ideas for improving your deck based on your preferences and spending limit, use the upgrade mode. Use the compare mode to draw attention to the differences between two versions of your deck or two distinct decks. To replicate your deck or another player’s and make any necessary adjustments, use the clone mode.

Use the comment section to engage with other players who have viewed or liked your deck. Utilise the rating system to give your deck and the decks of other players a score based on various criteria.

Advantages of Moxfield

Moxfield offers an easy-to-use interface for making and modifying MTG decks. The ability to add and remove cards quickly makes building a deck more effective and fun. Moxfield has a large card database with current MTG card information. When constructing their decks, players can locate and consult cards with ease thanks to this resource.

The platform helps players find the best cards for their decks based on their chosen strategy and theme by providing real-time card suggestions and auto-completion. Moxfield lets users share their decks with other people, which promotes community involvement. This feature encourages communication, input, and a feeling of community among MTG users. On Moxfield, players can playtest their decks and learn a lot about how well they perform. Prior to actual gameplay, this aids them in honing their tactics and strengthening their decks.

It is compatible with a large number of MTG formats, so players can build and trade decks that follow the rules and regulations of the format they have selected. Through the platform’s virtual opponents feature, users can simulate actual gameplay scenarios and make necessary adjustments to their decks.

It offers comprehensive data and insights for every deck, enabling players to monitor the performance of their deck over time and make informed decisions. Because of its simple, well-structured design, Moxfield is usable and accessible to MTG players of all skill levels. Moxfield is updated and maintained frequently to keep up with the constantly changing Magic: The Gathering universe.

For MTG players, it provides a plethora of worthwhile advantages, such as expediting the deck-building process, promoting community engagement, and offering strong playtesting tools. It can improve your MTG experience by giving you the instruments and resources you require to succeed in the game, regardless of your level of skill.

Using Moxfield


Moxfield is an easy-to-use and basic tool. To get started, either create a free account or sign in using your Google or Facebook login credentials.

  1. Click the “Create Deck” button to start from scratch or import an existing deck.
  2. Click the “Browse Decks” button to view the most recent, well-liked, or popular decks on Moxfield.
  3. Click “Search Cards” to find the cards you need for your deck or collection.
  4. Click “My Decks” to view a list of all the decks you’ve created or imported into Moxfield.

In addition, Moxfield provides a help section with contact details for support and feedback, frequently asked questions, tutorials, and how-to guides for using its features.


Moxfield is more than just a webpage. On this platform, you can communicate with millions of Magic: The Gathering players who share your passion for the game. It includes everything you need to construct any kind of deck, from a fun recreational deck to a competitive deck for tournaments. Thus, why do you delay? Come play with Moxfield today and unleash your creativity!


  1. What is Moxfield?

It is a deck building website for Magic: the Gathering.

  • Is Moxfield free?

Yes, Moxfield is free to register.

  • Does Moxfield have an app?

No, not yet. But Moxfield will be releasing an application soon for Android and iOS.

  • What is a primer in Moxfield?

A primer is a detailed guide on how to use a deck.

  • How do I upload to Moxfield?

Click Import after selecting the appropriate CSV format and the CSV file from your computer. In addition, you can select the Collection Location (Paper, Arena, or MTGO) and a Binder to import the cards into. At the moment, Moxfield and other CSV formats are accepted.