Must-Have Features to Look for When Buying a Dump Trailer for Sale

Dump trailers are practical pieces of equipment that facilitate hauling rough materials. They come in various sizes and can be equipped with multiple features to suit specific needs.

For example, a tarp kit can be beneficial because it helps prevent your load from blowing out of the trailer while on the road. Additionally, a trailer with removable sides can be a game-changer for some jobs.


The ramps on a trailer are another essential feature to consider because they help you load your materials and equipment. The location of the ramps is important, too. Look for ones mounted underneath the trailer so they don’t get in the way when you work.

You should also ensure the ramps are strong and can handle the weight of your expected loads. Overloading a dump trailer can cause damage and is unsafe, so choosing one with a high weight capacity is best.

Aside from the basic features, some trailers have extra perks to improve your work. For example, some models have removable sides, giving you more versatility. This may not be a big deal for most people, but it can be a game-changer for those who regularly haul dirt or other materials that need to be spread out. Other extras include winches, tarp systems, and lockboxes for storing tools and supplies. These are just a few options available when you’re looking for a new dump trailer for sale.


The sidewalls on a dump trailer are essential because they protect the hauled materials and help determine how sturdy and durable the trailer is. When buying a dump trailer, look for walls made with a quality material and thick metal, and check that the seams where pieces of metal meet are sealed to prevent leakage.

The height of the sidewalls is another factor to consider. You may want high sidewalls for gravel or heavier materials, while lower sides can accommodate lighter loads with less space.

Dump trailers come in various styles, including deckover and scissor lift. Choose one that matches the work you will be doing and the truck you will pull it with. For example, a deck-over dump trailer is a good option for transporting heavy equipment such as excavators, skid steers, and tractors between job sites. Some models even offer a tarp kit for additional cargo protection. Also, look for a warranty to protect against potential repairs and replacements.


The wheels on a trailer are one of the most critical parts. They bear the entire weight of the trailer and cargo and provide acceleration force between the vehicle and the ground. You want to ensure the tires on your trailer are rated for the hauling weight.

Also, consider what kind of axles your dump trailer has. Torsion axles are typically more robust and more durable than leaf springs. They also require less maintenance and perform well on uneven ground.

Another consideration when shopping for a dump trailer is the height of the sidewalls and ramps. Most trailers come with standard wall heights of 24″, but if you are hauling more extensive materials, you might want to look for a higher wall height. You can also purchase or build a set of solid sidewall extensions to increase the height.

The front jack on your dump trailer is another essential component to consider. It is often taken for granted, but if your trailer manufacturer tried to cut costs by putting on a cheap jack that is not rated for the load you’ll be hauling, it could significantly reduce the longevity of your trailer.


A trailer’s tires play a significant role in bearing the weight of the cargo and acceleration force between the axle and the ground. This is why checking the tire type, size, and load range rating is essential before purchasing. Trailer tires are typically rated higher than automotive or light truck (LT) tires due to their design and material, which are better at resisting damage, neglect, and abuse.

The lifting mechanism is another factor to consider, as there can be a big difference between a sturdy and robust dump trailer for landscaping jobs and one that falls apart after years of use. Hydraulic lifts are the most common and used in medium to heavy-duty dump trailers, while mechanical lifts tend to be found in smaller models.

If you’re hauling hazardous materials, a galvanized trailer is essential for corrosion resistance. This will help protect your investment and keep you safe on the road. It’s also worth ensuring the manufacturer offers a warranty, as this will provide peace of mind in case anything goes wrong over time.


The type of electrical outlets on a dump trailer is crucial because it determines what you can haul. Look for models with various outlets so you can use multiple appliances simultaneously. If you plan to use a generator, ensure the trailer has a receptacle to accommodate it.

The dumping mechanism on a trailer is another essential factor to consider. Choose between telescopic lifts, dual-pistons, and scissor lifts. You can also opt for a gravity-down model if raw power is less crucial. Be sure to inquire about the front jack as well. If it isn’t rated for the weight of your trailer, you could get into trouble down the line.

Good quality undercoating protects the underside of your trailer from rust and damage from harsh terrains or road conditions. A suitable coating or treatment can also extend the lifespan of your trailer by preventing corrosion. The same goes for your dump trailer’s battery, which needs to be charged regularly to maintain optimal performance. A DC-to-DC charger and solar panels installed on your trailer are excellent ways to achieve this goal.


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