Must-Have Skills for Women to Become an IPS Officer In India

The contemporary times witnessed a drastic change in the priorities of a woman, her aspirations, thoughts, mental strength, and of course in her professional choices as well. IPS, one of the top-notch and coveted arms of civil services in India has become the choice of today’s woman. Apart from basic educational skills, it requires a completely removed mental makeup to become an IPS officer. Let’s explore what skills or attributes a woman must have to become an IPS officer in this country.

Duty comes first

An IPS officer comes through any circumstance. She must believe in herself and should be ready to adapt to change. Women IPS officers must possess a strong thought process and must not lose sight of their responsibilities or duties even in adverse situations, including personal crises. There may be times when the profession will demand more time from her so much so that she will have to put everything, including her family, on the back burner, and put the role of a homemaker on hold for a while. She must be able to make sacrifices for the welfare of all.

Strength of Character

Women IPS officers in India must possess the strength of character to bear all odds. Honesty, integrity, morality, and hard work are essential traits that are required for a corruption-free progressive society. One must grow out of putting one’s personal interests on priority and consider society as a whole as one’s primary responsibility.

Balancing Marriage and Career

Even to this day, the patriarchal society associates gender-based ideas with women, defining what women can and women should do. But it is upon us to defy these pre-determined notions and reset the rules of the game. Women IPS officers must be capable enough to balance their tough job with the roles they play in their personal life. And with her sheer determination, she can come across as an exemplary figure not just in her personal life but also across society at large by striking the right balance.

Excellent communication skills

It is an undeniable fact that good communication initiates success in every place. It is imperative for an IPS officer to be able to express her thoughts appropriately, assertively, and clearly so that her opinion or stand comes across clearly and convincingly in front of both her seniors and juniors and commands respect. To be an IPS officer, a woman must possess excellent communication skills to gather and disseminate correct information. It’s also indispensable to listen to others before concluding.

Judgment skills

Justice must prevail. Women, by the law of nature, are known to possess intuitive skills. An IPS officer requires capabilities to identify priorities and make well-informed decisions before arriving at an inference. Identifying the wrongdoers, planning and executing a mission, or maintaining the law and order, all actions must precede good judgment. Women IPS officers must be able to distinguish between right and wrong in the given time frame.

Problem-Solving skills 

Women are problem solvers in the true sense; right from managing the household to running the country. So, this is not different. Here, they need to demonstrate extraordinary analytical skills to interpret the data and reach creative and lucid solutions. An IPS officer requires the ability to assess a situation, often difficult to ascertain and identify a fix whether it is in terms of catching a perpetrator of violence and crime or just maintaining the mundane administrative rigmarole. Many times, strong evaluative skills are required for choosing the best idea among a plethora of ideas without discouraging the contributors at the brainstorming sessions.


No one can serve the country without being a patriot. One who doesn’t love her motherland unconditionally cannot become an IPS. An IPS officer devotes every minute of life to her country and must not compromise on its integrity and progress at any cost. Women IPS officers must be able to think beyond their personal interests and be ready to do anything for the motherland.

Leadership skills

A true leader is one who knows how to hold society together despite differences and guide them towards improvement despite challenges. Without leadership qualities, no one can become an IPS officer.  One has to guide fellow countrymen to a righteous path and make a good team for the nation’s prosperity. A woman IPS officer needs to coordinate and collaborate with different agencies and act as a true leader.

Endurance and Perseverance

Patience is an essential trait as being an IPS officer requires dealing with numerous people and relentless opposite forces. One has to be consistent and have the patience to bear all the barriers. At times, to serve people, a woman IPS officer may have to endure hardships but she must keep sailing with perseverance in a sea of challenges.


An IPS officer needs to take strong decisions. So, she must be fearless in challenging societal orthodoxies while also possessing the power to overcome political pressure and other administrative hurdles. She will meet with all sorts of people with varying mental makeup so she must be fearless to use the power judiciously guaranteed by her job.

Physical and Mental strength

Health is wealth. A resilient healthy body and mind are a prerequisite for becoming an IPS officer. A woman IPS officer should be able to endure rigorous training that will challenge her body and mind every minute. There will be times when the law and order are in danger or someone’s life is at stake, and it is under these situations that her physical and mental strength together will help play her part efficiently and do justice to this glorious profession.


Whether female or male, an IPS officer must be a repository of information and learn from day-to-day life. This is important as it will be helpful in the effective implementation of government policies. Only a person who is informed can identify, understand, and resolve the problem. A woman IPS officer also needs to keep learning new things to equip herself with new-age digital transformations.

Research skills

Shouldering a proper and thorough investigation is the job of an IPS officer. So, one must be adept in research skills and must be proficient in researching quickly while conforming to the laws. Also, while conducting the research, the officer must bear in mind not to rely on only one source for information.

Is it a difficult job? Yes. Are women capable enough to handle the job? A big yes! We have many examples of successful women serving in the highest of offices, whether in the government or the private sector. So, if it is your dream to take the UPSC in the next few years, do not suspect your capabilities. Work hard to make your dream come true because you can. 

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