Myths About Eyeglasses

You will find many about many myths about eyeglasses online. Most of them are not true so you can rest well knowing that those stories that have been passed on for a long time are completely false. Listed below are the myths that you can take note of and bookmark so that you will be guided accordingly and will not be bothered anymore while you buy your next eyewear. 

What Are the Myths about Eyeglasses?

Wearing the wrong prescription can harm your eyes 

Have you ever worn someone else’s eyeglasses and tried them on for size? When you do this, it will cause a little headache from you but nothing more. Some people are saying that wearing the wrong prescription can ruin your eyes. This is completely false. Wearing a false prescription will only cause you to see less good than having the correct prescription. With this in mind, you should definitely get your eyes checked first before purchasing eyeglasses online. You will not just save money but you will also save time as you can get back to your life wearing the right prescription glasses.

Wearing glasses will make you dependent on them.

Eyeglasses only help people correct their eyesight. It does not make your eyesight worse than they already are. There are some existing vision correction lenses that can actually help you restore the grade of your eyesight. If you have been wearing eyeglasses for a long time and you notice that your prescription increases over time, it may be caused by a lot of factors including age, but this is not the effect of wearing eyeglasses. Your eyeglasses are a great helper that can assist you with your daily tasks without having migraines, headaches, and other effects of blurred vision.

Doing eye exercises can prevent you from wearing eyeglasses. 

While eye exercises may provide some benefits, including this in your list of habits will not help you avoid wearing eyeglasses at all. The prescription of wearing glasses is caused by a number of factors. The only way to know if you need glasses or not is to ask for the help of a professional. You can go to eye care experts to determine if you need to wear eyeglasses or not. Make sure that you list everything that you are feeling with your eyes so that the ophthalmologist or optometrist can help you.

Not wearing eyeglasses sometimes can help your eyes get better

People have sought for ways to prevent their eyes from getting higher prescriptions every year. Many suggested that people with eyeglasses should occasionally remove their eyeglasses to rest their eyes and to recover from their daily use. This is not true. You can wear your eyeglasses anytime you like. You should not remove your eyeglasses for the sole reason of not having a higher prescription in your next check-up. While it is okay to remove them when you take a nap or sleep during your break time or when you go to sleep, the reason is just to prevent your eyeglasses from being broken.


There are myths that are actually true but there are more of them that remain to be myths. The same is true for eyeglasses with the myths that are listed above, you are now guided with what to believe in terms of eyeglasses and anything related to these products. With this in mind, you can readily shop for eyeglasses online and look for the right eyewear for you. You will find different designs of eyeglasses that will suit any kind of style. Be sure to try them all out through their AI app and choose the one that fits you. 

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