NetbaseQuid Uses Social Media Analytics to Drill Deep

Increasingly, business owners and marketing agency professionals discover the proven benefits of deeper listening to social media posts for trends about buying trends and business intelligence information. The demand for social listening grows at lightning speed, and businesses need the latest enterprising tools to gather information about business brands, consumer preferences, services and business reputations for businesses and their major competitors to succeed.

Social Media Analytics Tools to Compete Effectively

Unfortunately, surviving against competitors becomes difficult without the right social media tools. That’s because the use of laptops, desktops, mobile phones and social media monitoring has increased exponentially. The tools of every successful business include social media listening regardless of whether it’s done by talented in-house staff or professional agencies. Typical tools used by professional companies like NetbaseQuid provide the following business advantages:

  • Social Media Reporting: Agencies that offer professional listening to all the popular social media channels and create customized reports that will save business clients time and money – even if the businesses use in-house staff to monitor some successful social channels.
  • Tracking: Tracking ranks as the best line of defense to uncover what people say about a business and its competitors to spot areas of concern.
  • Live Campaign Results: Live campaign tracking gives businesses fast results in real-time to make any necessary changes.
  • Multiple Channel Analyses: NetbaseQuid monitors all of the popular social channels to prepare across-the-board reports.
  • Automated Reports: Automated reports save time every month for the most important tracking elements.
  • Competitive Intelligence: You can stay ahead of your competitors by getting reports on their prices, weaknesses, shifting sales trends and market dynamics.
  • Brand Monitoring: Brand monitoring becomes more and more critical to spot issues that affect a brand’s performance and the products of competitors.
  • Crisis Management: Tracking social media professionally offers businesses the quickest way to uncover emerging issues in real-time to prepare quick fixes for upcoming crisis situations.
  • Turnkey Reports from a Single Source: Collecting the data that businesses need is time-consuming, and manually collecting data grows ever more complex. Choosing a single source allows you to choose a new social outlet and include its intelligence in a custom report.

Demand for Social Media Analytics in the Digital Age

Social media analytics tools have become increasingly necessary for most businesses doing substantial online business. The annual growth rate is projected to rise by 11.48% during the next few years, and social listening is even more important in certain key industries including the banking, financial and insurance, retail and e-commerce, IT telecom, media and entertainment, consumer packaged goods, and other industries like education, hospitality and travel.

What that means is that even neighborhood restaurants can’t afford to ignore social media and most popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Social listening helps business owners to understand what consumers are saying about their companies and products from posts, reviews, complaints, blogs and other forums. This is critical for adjusting quality, prices and responses to negative perceptions caused by complaints and bad perceptions. Companies that respond to negative issues fairly and promptly often receive even greater popularity.

The Advantages of Using NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is used and trusted by many of the world’s top businesses and industries like Coca-Cola, Walmart, Lloyds Bank, Nutrisystem, Saatchi & Saatchi, Edelman, Ogilvie, Disney and Boston Consulting Group. However, small-to-medium-sized businesses will also benefit from the company’s fair prices and key knowledge of market research, social influencers, product innovation, crisis management and the all-important customer experience

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