New Social Media Marketing Ideas

The problem with marketing on social media is that everyone follows the same strategy. From paying for ad placements to using keywords to reach your ideal audience, the fact that all your competitors are doing the same thing means that all too often, success has to do with the quality of your campaign- Do not give. Instead, it all falls within your advertising budget. This is why the biggest players remain the biggest players, and it is difficult for new or small businesses to break even.

It doesn’t make good business sense to try to defeat the biggest companies in their own game, because their superior resources create a battle you usually can’t win. Instead of wasting your time and money, the smart thing to do is come up with a campaign or strategy that none of your competitors are using.

Host an ‘Answer any question session’

The best social media marketing campaigns don’t just look good – they should connect with your audience, open conversations and attract responses. The best way to start a conversation is to start one, and what is a better way than hosting an answer to any of the questions answered? The idea is proven to work on Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ forums, which have attracted the participation of some of the world’s biggest names in both entertainment and technology. You can do this either as a video call or as a stand-alone text using a well-placed Facebook post or hashtag on Twitter.

Start a series

The best box set you had ever binged was enjoyable because the end of each episode made you excited to see the next one. That is why you are still watching them at 2 am, as long as you promise yourself that you will go to bed! However, this does not mean that you have to come up with scripted drama videos. Think about what aspects of your business or industry can be reviewed or a series of informative clips, and they can be broadcast on the same day and at the same time every week. When people know when and where to expect something, they are more likely to make time to see it.

Host regular competitions

People like winning things, or getting goods or services for free. This is why it is important that you can offer something regularly to attract your brand new customers. Even people who have never interacted with you before will be attracted by competition for your brand; Some people even participate in every competition that rolls through cyberspace and make a career out of it! If the audience knows that you regularly host novelties, they will keep checking your accounts to know about the next account. You can also get some free press coverage from it – if the prize is big enough, your local newspaper may want to cover the competition and present the winner as a ‘good news’ story. That is why it helps the local media to understand that you are hosting the competition.

Interview specialist

If you or someone working in your company is the ultimate expert in your chosen field, then you should consider yourself very lucky. However, this is not the case for most companies or people. There is usually someone else who is considered an ‘ornate’ for your industry, and reaching out to them for an interview is never a bad idea. The worst thing they can do is say no! Depending on who you or they are comfortable with, you can either host the interview as a video on your social media feed or conduct the interview in a text and link it to social media With your website. Your chosen expert does not have to promote your company – even a general chat about the latest news and opinions within your sector should immediately consider interest.

Host poll

People like to be asked their opinion on a lot, and some will even give you an opinion about whether you ask them or not. This is why any survey posted on social media has a good chance of gaining traction, as long as it is viewed and widely shared so that it can be off the field. Not only will you need a lot of social engagement from voting, but it should also inspire a conversation in the responses to your post as people debate the answers. You too can join this conversation and connect with people on a personal level. The best thing about this tip is that the poll doesn’t contain anything about your company – you can ask people what their favorite biscuit is, and you’re still not getting responses!

These are just a few small ways to attract online without spending big money on clicks or ideas. They will help you systematically build a following and attract natural, conversational responses. Connecting with people is that their company name