Opening a Spa Checklist: How to Start a Business in 2023

On average, launching a spa takes at least 4–9 months. You’ll have to go a long way from idea to opening. Look through the checklist for a spa opening from, because success largely depends on a well-prepared plan.

Think of an idea

If you open a salon under a franchise, the process can be a little easier. The franchise owner has a clear positioning, employee requirements, marketing strategy, pricing rules, etc. If you start your business from a scratch, you’ll have to take care of all these aspects yourself. Find out the following details:

  • Salon specialization: will there be only a few services (manicure, pedicure, haircut, cosmetology), or will it be a multi-field spa (massage, hair care, sauna, make-up, etc.)? Make a complete list of future services.
  • Positioning: what will make your salon special? (e.g., the widest range of services in the city) Why should clients love your spa? (e.g., you provide the service of simultaneous manicure, pedicure, and hairstyling without extra fee), etc.
  • Potential clients. You need to understand the average age of your customers, their wealth, values, habits, etc. Otherwise, you won’t be able to build a clear advertising strategy.

Be sure to comply with legal requirements

Legal requirements vary by state or city. Perhaps, you should take a brief consultation with a lawyer to clarify the details. Most likely, you will need a Spa Business Operation License and a Certificate of Occupancy (which confirms that your premises are safe). Your employees will need to have professional licenses (cosmetologist license, massage therapy license, etc.).

Buy equipment

Start from the list of your services. As a rule, a basic set of furniture consists of the following items:

  • Manicure and pedicure area: manicure table, pedicure chair, and chairs for the master and visitor.
  • Cosmetology area: facial beauty chair, facial table, spa treatment chair. 
  • Massage area: massage table, cabinets for accessories.
  • Hairdressing area: barber chair, barber table.

In addition, you’ll need a reception table and chairs for the receptionist. You can find many variations of furniture at Aria Chairs website.

Furnish the room

It doesn’t matter whether you buy or rent premises — it should be in a place where many people walk and where it’s easy to get to. It is good if there is parking nearby.

The room should be quite spacious. Do not try to cram too many services (and furniture) into one area; otherwise, the salon will look cluttered and untidy.

The spa should be clearly zoned. Provide special comfort for clients who will receive face and body care services. They should have a comfortable room to undress, wash, and put on a robe.

Gather the team

Who will make your spa work? Also make sure that your beauticians are well-trained either get them trained from Her Way Training Institute. You may also need the services of a marketer, SMM manager, or programmer.

Promote the spa

Competition in the beauty business is high, so you’ll need a versatile advertising strategy. Choose the main channel of promotion (contextual advertising, targeting on social networks, etc.). Experiment and look for the most effective ways of promotion.

Don’t neglect offline advertising (e.g, billboards or flyers). It works best if it contains an offer (e.g., -10% for the first visit). Customers love referral programs and discounts, so come up with something interesting to encourage them to visit.

Opening a spa is a challenging task, but it is easier to cope with it if you cooperate with reliable contractors. Choose furniture from Aria Chairs, hire experienced lawyers, designers, and beauticians, and your business will have no other way than to flourish.