Pediatric Asthma Home Care Tips For Parents

Asthma, chronic inflammation of the lungs’ airways, makes you vulnerable to episodes of difficulty breathing, referred to as asthma attacks. The attacks are commonly triggered by physical activity, colds, and allergies. As a parent, asthma & allergies Argyle flare-ups can be frightening, whether during rest or playtime. Pediatric asthma can be managed through limiting exposure to allergens, controlling inflammation using drugs, and mediation, especially during attacks.

Parenting is not easy, more so when your child has asthma. Nonetheless, with a few home care tips up your sleeve, you can help your child maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle with minimal asthma flare-ups. Among the pointers that can help include:

Develop and stick to an action plan

What medication should your child take, and when? What do you need to do in case of flare-ups? How do you avoid triggers? An action plan makes it easier to manage even frightening attacks. You will have an easier time understanding the medication and ensuring your child takes them as prescribed, limiting the chances of attacks. You will also be better positioned to learn about allergens and avoid them, which is essential since they are the most common triggers.

In case of an attack, you will not panic since you will know what to do. You will learn how to recognize and manage flare-ups, including when to call the doctor for help or rush to the ER. Sticking to an action plan makes life easier, even for your child. They will learn a lot and be more independent within a reasonable period. They will have a routine, making it easier to maintain a lifestyle that keeps asthma in check.

Create a better environment

Indoor and outdoor air quality must be in top shape to limit asthma attacks. While thinking about indoor air quality, most parents will immediately consider pets like cats and dogs. Nonetheless, even the overlooked ones like hamsters can make it more challenging to keep asthma in check. This is especially considering their bedding, typically made of small particles that can easily add to the dust and trigger an attack.

As you consider the outdoors, the main focus is on seasonal asthma attacks. Late in the summer and fall, weeds and molds are common, while during the spring season, grasses and trees produce plenty of allergens. Understanding the common triggers makes it easier to take the right measures and avoid exposure. You will know what your child is allergic to, and with your doctor’s help, devise a regimen to help avoid them to keep the flare-ups at the lowest possible.

Stay on your toes

Ensuring your child gets the yearly flu vaccine is among the preventative measures you should not ignore. If they get the flu, they are vulnerable to flare-ups and, even worse, developing other serious illnesses. You can also use readily available tools such as peak flow meter and asthma diary.

The peak flow meter tests how well the child can blow air out of their lungs. This tells you if their airways are blocked or narrow, indicating a risk of flare-ups. Such information helps you take the relevant measures to prevent or manage the attacks. An asthma diary helps you maintain well-documented events, including symptoms, when they happen, and medicine that helps, among other detail. Such records can equip you with information such as an attack’s warning signs, helping you prepare. You also can establish if the treatment is working or if you need to visit the doctor.

Caring for your child and ensuring they are healthy can be daunting. Nonetheless, with productive collaboration with your doctor, you can learn a lot and improve your care regimen. Visit Argyle Pediatrics today to learn more about asthma and home care tips you can include in your regimen.

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