Places for a fairy-tale Pre Wedding Photo-shoot in Rajasthan

Pre-wedding photo-shoot is the latest trend of the 21st century. The craze of posing like romantic Bollywood couple for the best images and videos before marriage can be seen everywhere! People spend hefty amounts on these pre-wedding shoots to get the perfect location, elegant wears and hiring best photographers.

Well, if your wedding is around the corner and you haven’t decided all of these yet then, we understand your tension. Are you looking for a location that can make your pre-wedding photos unique and royal? We have the solution!

Now you can create your own fairy tale in an Indian royal style by going to Rajasthan. Yes, the land of bravest kings and queens, the hub of grand forts and palaces is the perfect pre-wedding shoot destination for you!

Worried about how to reach Rajasthan? Buy Rajasthan tour packages from Mumbai, Delhi or any other city and have a hassle-free journey. Now, we are going to share the list of places where you can get super awesome pre-wedding photos:

  1. Udai Vilas, Udaipur:

Udai Vilas is among the list of topmost five stars hotels of the world. Whoa, shocked? We bet you will be astonished after seeing its interiors. This location will add a distinct class along with a royal touch into your photo-shoot.

Situated on the banks of Lake Pichola, it gives a perfect natural backdrop for the romantic photos. Sprawled in 50 acres, it has beautiful architecture portraying the grand lifestyle of kings. Wear your expensive clothes and pose in front of a huge lawn, lotus shape pool or majestic statues. We bet nobody could match with your pre-wedding shoot photos taken in Udai Vilas.

  1. Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur:

Capture your pre-wedding romance in one of the best museums of Rajasthan. Built in Indo- Saracenic architecture, this is the idlest place to get those romantic pre-wedding shots. If you are lucky enough then, you can capture the messenger of love, pigeons, into the background of your shots. Go before the dawn to get that type of images. Albert hall museum is the best location to complement your grand marriage celebrations!

  1. Neemrana Fort, Jaipur:

Situated on a hilltop, Neemrana Fort will make your heart skip a beat with its majestic and immense structure. The 6-acre wide garden palace consists of unique backgrounds to portray your romance in an elegant style. Plan a short stay to refresh your mood and to showcase your chemistry in a rocking way!

You will be more excited to know about the exotic spa and suites that are waiting for your luxurious welcome inside the fort. Go for wide angle photos to capture the scenery along with the couple beautifully. The charm of Neemrana attracts not only couples for photo-shoots but, also the movie directors. Go ahead to get your Bollywood flavour photos in magnificent corridors, watchtowers and courtyards.

  1. Dadhikar Fort, Alwar:

Get the essence of Indian architecture and history into your pre-wedding images by choosing Dadhikar Fort. The mountainous location of this fort makes it picturesque. Be prepared with your catchy poses and capture the super awesome images with balcony views.

Create a dreamy story or depict your sparkling chemistry in the photos! Fortunate people can also get a chance to spot peacock and get a shot with it. Well, don’t complain if it doesn’t corporate with you for images. (P.S. peacocks are not photo experts like you!) No matter what, you are going to get hundreds of likes on your beautiful photos!

  1. The Ajit Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur:

Once used to be the residence of Maharaja Ajit Singh Ji, it is now a renowned heritage resort of Jodhpur. It is India’s first heritage resort and receives plenty of visitors on a daily basis. People come here for every type of photo-shoots and luxurious stays. Couples also book this resort as a venue for a royal style wedding.

It gives you an opportunity to capture illustrious images with your soul mate and get the shots that you always dreamt of. So, there couldn’t be a better place for your pre-wedding shoot if you wish to display Rajputana grandeur.

  1. Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur:

Nahargarh Fort stands magnificently on the edges of Aravali slopes in Jaipur. Get the vintage style romantic images at the ridge overlooking the entire city of Jaipur here! You can use famous spots like Rang de Basanti spot, the city overlooking watchtowers and intricately designed murals to show your love story.

You will love the driveway to this fort as well. Thinking about a long drive with your future life partner to Nahargarh Fort? Well, not a bad idea! It will help in igniting the chemistry that can bring life into your images.

  1. Chand Baori, Abhaneri:

What about shooting your love story in the deepest step well of India? Sounds interesting! Chand Baori is located in a small village outside Jaipur. It is one of the top locations for pre-wedding and post-wedding photo-shoots. The zigzag stairs and distinct architecture of this step well offers a lot of panoramic spots for the images.

Many Bollywood, as well as Hollywood movies, have shots of this step well including ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’, ‘The Dark Night Rises’, ‘Paheli’ and ‘The Fall’. Click some still shots to capture the rustic essence of Chand Baori. Wear your traditional attires to get a perfect Indian couple look.

Hurry up! Buy Rajasthan tour package from Mumbai and other states of India to get a better travel experience. And hey, decide your couple perfect shots in advance to look best in the photos. After all, it’s your pre-wedding shoot. You are going to cherish these images for your entire life so, they have to be mesmerising!

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