The targeted homes

 The Remover tax credit is for owners and co-owners of a single-family home, a manufactured (or mobile) house, a condominium, a dwelling in a multi-unit building or a habitable chalet year round. If you have a single family home that you live in permanently and a condo that you rent, you will only be able to claim the housing tax credit recognized as your principal place of residence. The home must be located in Quebec and have been built before 1 set January 2016.

The exceptions

With the exception of a garage, an adjoining or accessory construction to your residence will not be eligible. In addition, construction and renovation work affecting a device for discharging waste water, toilet water or domestic water, are not covered by this tax credit.

Work must be performed by a qualified contractor

 The purpose of this refundable tax credit is to encourage owners to carry out eco-responsible residential renovations that have been recognized to have a positive impact on the environment and energy consumption. To be eligible, the work must be carried out by a qualified contractor who has an appropriate license under the Building Act. Read our article choosing a good contractor for renovations in 7 steps for our advice.

The maximum amount you can claim

 For each eligible home, it is possible to request a maximum amount of $ 10,000, this amount corresponding to 20% of eligible expenses. Expenses incurred in connection with residential work must be greater than $ 2,500.

Eligible expenses

 If you must carry out studies prior to the completion of the work, these will be included in eligible expenses, in the same way as building permits. All goods used for the execution of the work will also be eligible, provided that these meet certain energy or environmental standards. The costs of the services provided by the contractor may also be taken into account. For detail information about the advantages visit contractors Columbus.

The types of work targeted

The Remover tax credit targets four types of residential renovation work.

1. Work relating to the building envelope

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, insulating the roof and exterior walls and replacing doors and windows can make a big difference to your electricity bill. If your house is several decades old, better insulation of the basement could bring you additional comfort, in addition to significantly reducing your energy consumption. Are you charmed by a green roof and all the advantages it offers? This is good, because the installation of a green roof (green roof) or white is eligible for the Remover tax credit. Like the green roof, the white roof reduces the effect of heat islands.

2. Heating and air conditioning work

Any replacement of an interior heating appliance using wood, pellets, fuel oil, propane or natural gas is eligible work. Same thing for the replacement of a heat pump, an air conditioner, a water heater or a heat recovery ventilation system. But beware, it is advisable to make sure that the new equipment meets the minimum requirements in terms of energy efficiency, efficiency and performance.

3. Water and soil quality work

Is your land contaminated with fuel oil? The costs associated with its decontamination are eligible for the Remover tax credit. In addition, various works aimed at water conservation and quality can also benefit from this credit. For example, it is possible to recover rainwater by installing a tank underground. However, chalets are not eligible for this type of work.

4. Installation of renewable energy devices

Do you want to produce your own electricity by installing a domestic wind turbine or solar panels to meet the energy needs of your home? These renewable energy devices are eligible, provided they meet Canadian standards.

Whatever work you want to do, a member of our team will be able to advise you on how to make the most of the Remover tax credit.

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