Points to consider before choosing top residential schools in India

Being a parent, everyone wants to provide the best education to their kid and will never want to get wrong in this case. Choosing the best school for your child is one of the biggest and major decisions in life. The emergence of several educational boards and the availability of numerous reputed schools across India have made it quite confusing for parents to choose the school easily. A good school plays an important role in the overall growth of the child. One can enroll his child in one of the best schools by short-listing some top-ranked schools. Today, parents are considering sending their kids to boarding schools as they play an important role in nourishing the personality of students. These schools offer a rigorous environment to the students that help in the holistic development of kids.

Now, you must be thinking about how to choose the right school among many good options available. If you are looking for the top residential schools in India then following the given tips would help you for sure. Here are the important points to consider while making a decision about a particular school:

  1. Don’t get lured by the billboard: Now, you have narrowed down the list of the best boarding schools in India, it’s time to go ahead. One should not fall prey to the salient features of the school given in their brochure and the official website. Visit the website and whatever information is provided here, make sure to cross check personally by visiting the school. You should shortlist top 10 boarding schools in India among many schools which will help you to cross check without consuming much of your time. If the school is far away from your location, make sure to talk to alumni or participate in the online forums to make the right decision.
  2. Check the reputation of teaching faculty among students: One should also make a thorough background check of the faculty. How they treat students, what are their qualifications and more? Some teachers only value academics and they believe in work instead of extra-curricular activities. At times, such teachers tend to make their students dull in other activities.
  3. Talk to the students studying the school: It is really tough to judge a school based on the official website. It is always advisable to talk to the students who are already studying here. Talking to their parents will also be of great help to know more about the school, its faculty, teachers and teaching methodology used.
  4. Residential facilities: When it comes to choosing the top residential schools in India, it is important to consider the boarding facilities offered. The hostels and mess must be clean and properly ventilated. It is always better to check the washroom, dormitory, bathing cells and cafeteria.
  5. Environment: It is always better to check what kind of environment a boarding school offers to its students. The best residential schools offer a great learning environment to the students where they are expected to give their best in all terms. The students have to take the leadership roles to know their responsibilities from an early age.

Read more about the school, teaching faculty and facilities offered by taking part in online forums.