Prestige Park Grove

In Whitefield, East Bangalore, there is a futuristic pre-launch residential development called Prestige Park Grove. On 78 acres of outstanding property, the Prestige Group is developing The Township project. The layout provides luxurious 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments. It also has luxurious villas with 3 and 4 bedrooms. The secret to luxurious living is this Prestige launch.

The undertaking represents luxury and comfort. Thanks to careful plans and draughts. Homes are large and bright. The sizes range in size from 600 to 1800 square feet. The Vaastu ideas guarantee positive energy and aura.

A grove is a tiny forest with a collection of trees. The nature-themed orchards, parks, and groves in Park Grove hold up to their name by containing native trees and shrubs. Gardens and parks are crucial components of the plan. The vast spaces are designed with quads and lush terrain. The project is pending RERA Board permission and is scheduled to begin in June 2023.

East Bangalore’s Whitefield is a well-liked neighbourhood. Leading IT companies and Tech Parks plague Park Grove. The project succeeds close to prestigious hospitals and schools.

Whitefield is in charge of the city’s IT. Interesting housing projects are located there. The forthcoming Purple metro link will improve commutes.

A trustworthy name in real estate is Prestige Group. It runs in India’s most prestigious cities. The business guarantees top quality at competitive pricing.

Important dates:

Pre-launch Date: Soon to be announced

Date of completion: Four years following the debut.

Possession will begin immediately and follow project completion.

Prestige Construction’s Park Grove New Township is located at Chikkanahalli Road, Whitefield, next to Station Rd, East Bengaluru, Karnataka, with the postcode 560067.Whitefield, which is a part of Urban Bangalore, grew before the country’s IT boom. In the late 1990s, a peaceful area on Bangalore’s outskirts developed into a significant neighbourhood. The transformation of this area started with the construction of the International Tech Park. Wipro, TCS, and SAP, three significant MNCs, relocated to Whitefield. A huge flood of new residents arrived as a result of this change. The projected Metro is only 3.1 km away, while the ITPL major route is only 5.1 km away from the project’s location.

Every significant real estate company has launched projects in the region. There are several new initiatives planned for release. The area’s physical structure is changing as a result of numerous new construction projects. Good hospitals, schools, and shopping centres are part of the growing social infrastructure in the area.

High-quality fixtures and construction are included in the Prestige Park Grove Township requirements. It has an RCC construction, vitrified flooring, wooden front doors, and appropriate plumbing and electrical fixtures. The estate has a net area of 72 acres and includes 3600+ flats and 82 villas. The prices range from INR 50 L to INR 3.5 Cr for the 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK units in the flats.

Live in a wealthy neighbourhood to secure the finest quality of life for you and your family. The initiative opens up possibilities for airy, light-filled houses. Life is abundant with the abundance of natural amenities here.

Luxury and comfort are designed into the Vaastu-compliant residences. You may select a home that fits your budget thanks to the versatile floor plans. The appropriate amount of separation between the flats ensures complete solitude.

You can unwind and recharge thanks to a lovely assortment of contemporary facilities and utilities. A Central Club and more than sixty lifestyle amenities create the ideal place for recreation. Every service, including convenience stores, the gym, childcare centre, mini-theatre, and clinic, is close to your home.

With a variety of sports and health amenities, wellness and fitness are advantageous. Swim long distances in our roomy pool. Play volleyball with your family and friends. Take a leisurely ride on the bike paths. Healthy and happy living has never been so simple.

There are numerous amenities for events and recreation in the opulent clubhouse. Family reunions are ideal in the roomy dinner hall. Weekend hangouts can be quickly had at Party Terraces. In the saloon, relax and kick back. snooze it up in the café.

In the wonderland zone for youngsters, safety and enjoyment go hand in hand. The play area is stocked with fun playsets and entertainment equipment.

In the midst of nature, find peace for your mind and soul. A group of trees has been arranged in the open areas with a forest concept. These outside borders are crucially dependent on the growing gardens, car-free sections, and water features.

The best commute and connectivity can now be had at home. You are in charge of the social network because of the project’s location. Hospitals, schools, shopping centres, and business hubs are all included in the projects’ scope.

Enjoy the joy and camaraderie of neighbourhood gatherings. As you live a life of happiness and bliss, accept the virtue of urban niceties within the premises.

A description of Whitefield

Bangalore is the location of Whitefield. Whitefield was a quiet community on the outskirts of the city up until the 1990s. However, this precinct was thrust into the spotlight by the IT boom. Whitefield is currently one of the hippest city neighbourhoods. This transformation was fueled by the establishment of international tech parks and workspaces.

With its rapid growth, Bangalore’s Whitefield has become one of the city’s leading tech hubs. There are various tech parks in the neighbourhood. RGA Tech Park and Salarpuria Sattva Indus Tech Park are located along this avenue. There are numerous sizable workstations in and around Whitefield. JP Morgan Chase, Wipro, Nokia, TCS, Cisco, and SAP are a few of the well-known names.

Professionals moved into the area in great numbers as a result of the workplaces in the Whitefield area. The demand for residential real estate in the area surged as a result of this transformation. Today, Whitefield is a bustling, contemporary metropolis with a thriving neighbourhood.

Current  Real Estate Trends in Whitefield

Whitefield has undergone a significant adaptation in recent years. The atmosphere of the place has changed, which is obvious. The amiable, peaceful community is currently a quickly growing area. The area exudes an urban vibe. An active and vibrant group of young professionals now calls it home.

Rapid urbanisation has taken place there. After International Tech Park was established, this growth exploded. After that, several other tech hubs immediately took notice. The area is currently one of Bangalore’s main employment centres. Large numbers of inhabitants moved in as a result of quick commercial development. The residential real estate market began to experience upward movement.

Top real estate players were drawn to the growing demand for community living. Every reputable real estate developer is represented here, including the Prestige Group. The initiatives they start are substantial and large-scale. Investors are searching to invest in residential real estate in this location with appropriate options. The average cost of a flat is 38 lakhs rupees.

The region has seen an increase in investments in neighbourhood projects. After the epidemic season, there is a greater demand for apartments. Locations near employment centres have taken precedence over others. For investors and end users, Whitefield has been the preferred East Bangalore neighbourhood. Luxury real estate costs on average Rs. 1.28 crores. The listed property with the highest price is worth Rs. 13 crores.